Your biggest fears?

Discussion in 'General' started by Luigili, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hey GC,
    i just wanted to know, what are you most afraid of?
    I for example am afraid of death. I don't mean i'm afraid of dying, because when i die... well ... then i'm dead, but i'm afraid of my family and my friends dying. So far, i have been lucky, no one close to me has died, and i have never been to a funeral, but i know that eventually that will change. i know that my grandparents, parents, and aunts or uncles will eventually die, most likely before me, and that scares the shit out of me.

    So, what are your guys' biggest fears?

  2. some1 already posted this thread...

    but i would say umm

    not living long enough to have kids :(
  3. my wife and daughter not being able to handle expensive when im pushing up tulips
  4. damn, i thought i came up with something original :(

  5. it could still blow up tho =o
  6. The Pillsbury Doughboy


  7. keep the cup half full, not half empty.

    I'm scared of never having a son.
  8. i'm scared for this planet. i have very little sense of personal fear. death? fuck it. it's gonna happen.

    but on a much smaller scale - i do fuckin hate small spaces. i mean i can handle elevators packed with people and shit - that's not a problem. but when i can barely move to the point that it feels like i'm stuck i'll have some panic attack style shit goin on. i also hate spiders.

    nothin original lol
  9. Crazy bugs. If I dont know what that shit is going to do I assume its about to kill me.
  10. im scarred of not being as succesful as i want to be, failure scares me. death doesnt bother me much ive had so many around me die including my mom when i was 11, shit sucks
  11. I'm afraid significant searching into the cause of homocide won't be studied, and we will not prove with reason that under proper conditions a human will choose to not kill others, and that people will develop an antagonistic personality towards society and culture which causes us to live virtual lives within our home without seeking resolution towards the out side world.
  12. I'm afraid of dogs...
    it stems from a childhood experience where i was chased by a dog on my bike
  13. I fucking HATE spiders.
  14. dude my dog could change you. i swear this dog would let me kill her if her only defense was to kill me. i fuckin <3 her. shit.
  15. Having my army of monkeys over throw me and take power while executing me with Soc Em Booppers in a moon bounce filled with grape soda...............and losing my dick.
  16. The Jetsons....something just ain't right.
  17. Those damn porcelain dolls that look real :laughing: fuck em
  18. Water.
    I just don't like the ocean because I have no idea of what's under me.
  19. more water ;)
  20. Sharks and octopuses ;)

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