Your biggest childhood crush!

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  1. Lita Ford

    Still do! :love:

  2. I think it was one of the chicks from Austin powers
  3. Fucking beautiful

    [ame=]Lita Ford - Close My eyes Forever - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Jphn Smith
    Shawn from Boy Meets World
    Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.
  5. [​IMG]

    If you didnt have a crush on the olson twins you're lying to yourself.
  6. My first grade teacher :laughing:

    ^ Also what Una said
  7. xena warrior princess
  8. Betty white... She was smoking hot back in the 40s. Me and my pa used to watch her all the time on the television

  9. Denise Austin :yummy:
  10. some mouse on some cartoon movie i used to watch..

    its weird
  11. Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender
  12. Dude, Lita Ford Kicked ass!
  13. Older Dan Radcliffe, and this one dude that was super mega awesome hawt before I was put of the closet :/
  14. Kelly kapowski from saved by the bell
  15. And Hermione
  16. Brad pitt when he was younger
  17. Ricky Martin was so hot. Lol
  18. Mentally fapped at 5 when she was the pink power ranger

    Dat part on mighty morphin power rangers the movie when the bone dinosaur had her trapped *boner*

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  19. I'm secure enough in myself to admit he was a good looking dude.

    For me, I'd say it was hands down Topanga Lawrence.

    Funny, my gf does resemble her a lot.

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