Your best homemade piece?

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  1. The only piece I actually bought is a small stone pipe and it really dosnt hit well, so until I can either get my Bukkit or a nice bong, Ive been using home made pieces. My best one so far was a waterfall bong made from Dr. Pepper bottle. I though it would be to small to give good hits but it turned out to be perfect. I was higher that I had ever been. Another great one is a gravity bong a guy made that I smoke with. I walked into his room and say a big cooler in the corner, I looked inside and saw it was a very well made and actually complex gravity bong. Hit like a pro. :smoking:
    What are some of your great homemade pieces? :smoking:
  2. i made a "lung" bong today out of a 2 litter bottle. fucked my world up lol.
  3. My 100cm straight tube acrylic. Home made of course

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  4. Very nice piece man. Mad props to you. Bet it hits like a pro!
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    Yeah it does it's wider than what it looks to it's hard to take a full milked hit haha it just hits you so hard
  6. A couple years ago we had a bong-off on 420 where everyone made a homemade bong and brought it over. We planned this for a couple weeks so everyone could make an epic piece. Me and my old room mate made one with 7 dasani water bottles and they were all connected with huge straws. It was fucking legit. Another dude made one he called the nazi death ray and it was made out of pvc pipe and was like 7ft long and was impossible to clear in one hit.

    Speaking of waterfall bongs I actually just made 4 of them haha. I made one out of a Patron bottle(it looks badass when it fills with smoke), one out of a huge bud light bottle that held 6 beers, one out of a wine bottle, and one out of some expensive german liqeur bottle(looks like an aunt jemima bottle almost). I figured I'd just start a collection of really cool looking waterfalls lol. They're easy to make and they fuck you up
  7. My best homemade piece is two hot knife and a bottle sliced in half ;) I chose to buy or roll rather then play around with DIY stuff.
  8. My best homemade piece was a bong with slider made out of an Arizona green tea bottle, some electric tape, pen, and socket
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