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  1. Belly button biomes begin to blossom

    22:30 30 June 2011
    Peter Aldhous, San Francisco bureau chief

  2. So basically our belly button is a breeding ground for strains of bacteria?
  3. proof of evolution... again...

    wake up crazies we are evolving bacteria in our own bellies
  4. The only thing I have growing in mine is lint!
  5. Body shots anyone? :p
  6. Belly buttons can be sexy, but they can also be prime real estate for bacterial colonies. The bacteria represents important advances in divergent evolution. Our naval is bacterial nature reserve. How many bacteria does it have?
  7. Navels could be hot and ticklish. The reality is that not everybody goes in there with soap, baby oil and Q-Tips. Belly button Diversity project researchers welcome the grime, as your belly button bacteria tells a tale. It's a true story about divergent progression, and it's a page-turner. New belly button bacteria furthers study of evolution as it is called bacterial nature reserve. Cleaning habits – or lack thereof – have made amazing discoveries possible. As few people wash their belly buttons with soap, the chance for microbial growth increases. Is was suggested that there may be links between belly button bacteria and microbes that have previously only been found on the deep ocean floor. This opens entirely new avenues of inquiry within the study of divergent evolution, the accumulation of differences between groups which can lead to the formation of new species.
  8. w/e you can call me crazy for believing in God, just know that proving evolution is not the same as proving there is no God,,,its pretty pathetic when children have a view and some one doesn't agree with it, since debating logically is out of the question since it is more challenging (kids hate challenges), throwing words like crazy is obviously much much easier
  9. no i didnt call religious people crazy, i think people who call science a lie because of a misinterpreted bible passage are crazy.

    sorry for the misunderstanding.
  10. I agree with this but..

    This sounds like most of the religious people I've ever met...:wave:[/QUOTE]
  11. Ah, so that's why if you stick your finger in your belly button and pull it out it smells like poop cheese.
  12. My belly button smells like shit...
  13. I always wondered what the other side of my belly button was connected to. I could look it up, but I like to have a little mystery to think about.

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