Your beliefs on illegal aliens.

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  1. What are your beliefs on illegal aliens coming to America to get jobs working in fields and other hard labor jobs?

    I personally believe that we need to get 100% of them out so that the increasing number of unemployed Americans who have no chance in the job market(like myself) to make an honest living. I have worked in a corn packing shed for 3 months last summer and I can tell you truthfully atleast 85% of the people I worked with were illegal and were getting payed under the table. 14%of the people were just legal relatives and me and my friend are basically the 1%. Me and my friend found out that we were the first Americans(white people) to ever work there when the shed has been open since '69 which is astounding. What else fascinated me was the pay. $550 - $800 every Tuesday. EVERY TUESDAY. These jobs should be going to needy families afflicted by our economy.
  2. Eh. Part of me wants to say "Well shit, we're all immigrants." But I also feel that if someone is so motivated to come into America to find work, they should go through the process of becoming a citizen.
  3. Illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal.

    They don't belong here because illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal.

    No matter how you put it illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal is illegal and thus they don't belong here.

    Do it the right way or not at all.
  4. We can debate the legal status. But we only go by it when we choose. Weed is illegal but we still smoke and use it. Would you do back breaking work like building highways and construction day in day out Mon-sat 14 hour days and only getting 7.50 an hour? Sure they break the law but in the end they are getting the short end of the Stick. If you wanna complain about no jobs blame obama and all the corporations who send all jobs overseas to save a few bucks. Illegal immigrants is the effect you gotta look for the cause at the very top.
  5. Exactamundo bro
  6. And also yes I would LOVE doing any hard labor. When I worked in a corn packing shed I would work 6-8 hours in tomato fields in the heat then go to the corn packing shed where I would stack palettes of 35-40 pnd cases of corn for 6-8 hours. When people are broke and desperate they will do anything to keep themselves fed. Our government needs to step up
  7. The gov will never step up. I'm in Oklahoma where there are endless construction jobs available and guess what people still don't have jobs and all these places are hiring. Your job sounds easy since 40 pound boxes is not a lot I used to lift 100+ boxes just working at FedEx in a hot ass warehouse and its the easiest job I've ever had. People want the good jobs inside a place behind a desk. The last Thing they want is construction or there would be way more whites in construction
  8. Well I'm in California where its like immagrents literally steal jobs from citizens by offering lower payrolls. We are overrun by aliens.

  9. Yeah you are right, companies exploiting the system so the CEO etc. gets bank and illegal immigrants get paid dirt is better than the 8.2% unemployment in the country.

    Not to mention all of those taxes that illegals pa..... oh wait.
  10. Well from what I know California is more expensive and have less jobs anyways. You can't get mad though living in a state that used to belong to Mexico and also borders it as well illegal immigration can easily be stopped. With everything that illegals buy they are paying taxes whether they like it or not. If you don't like paying taxes then sue the government. There is no law in the books that says you have to pay an income tax anyways, it was used for the civil war and is long overdue to be stopped
  11. Too bad a judge won't let you argue that in court. If you try to pull that argument they will hold you in contempt. It is BS but it is the corrupt system that we live in.

    There are 2 different types of illegals. There are the illegals who got thrown into a shit situation came to America and have been working for years to try to become legal. They pay more taxes then US citizens. I am ok with these people as they are responsible hard working people who own up to their responsibility's. Then you get the parasites of society. Who steal American jobs, don't pay taxes(other then sales tax) drive around with out a drivers license or insurance, and keep popping out kids because the kids are legal citizens which entitle them to benefits through the state.

    Those are the two types of Illegals I have dealt with through my experiences.

    And yes I have been laid off a job so my old boss could hire 2 illegals who would work for half minimum wage. I can't really be mad about it though, because that is free market capitalism at its best.
  12. I think my country should extend health benefits to them.
  13. I love all humans.

    In any case, If a person is willing to do a job for half of minimum wage, who are you to try and force that employer to pay more just because you were born here? Idiocy.

    It's voluntary interaction. And OP, you don't think illegal aliens have needy families afflicted by the recession? Wake up.
  14. Weed is illegal is illegal is illegal

    I think we should make it easier for people to move into america if they wish to work here. I believe that people should beable to work and live wherever the hell they want in the world so long as they dont infringe on anyones rights.
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    I cannot fault someone for wanting to better their situation.

    For most, doing it the "right way" is all but impossible. Even for those who do qualify, the immigration process is extremely costly and time consuming.

  16. I used to be against illegal immigration but I have awakened to the truth

    The truth is that the government causes the problems. Like monopolies and overtime laws. We are losing our jobs to illegals because the state makes it beneficial to hire illegals over legals
  17. Yeah man illegal is illegal. I went through this argument in my civics class in high school. Her argument but where they come from its poor and shitty so they should be able to come because we the land of opportunity. I replied with "how are you a teacher? With you logic I can rob a bank and get away with it cause I came from a poor family and we should all have the same opportunity. BULLSHIT. Life isn't fair it's not. I don't have it that bad compared to someone. But I also have it really fucking shitty compared to someone else.... It's not our countries responsibility to take care of the world. There are so many lazy people looking for handouts look at our welfare system it's a fucking joke. Help the people of your country that are struggling."
  18. When did the invisible lines on maps become real lines? Anarchy!!!
  19. This is a retarded argument, and one easily refuted.

    Why not restrict immigration between states? Help the people of your own state that are struggling. In fact, why not restrict immigration between cities? My city is struggling, so we don't need any people from OTHER cities to come and take our jobs.

    Also, your statement about robbing a bank is blatantly stupid. When an immigrant comes into the United States, he's not stealing anyones property. If you rob a bank, you're stealing from everyone that uses that bank.

    I can't believe you even think like this.. are you sure you're not a paid troll? You're wondering how she's a teacher, I'm wondering how you're a human.

    The United States is a big fucking place, and if I live in Miami I have no obligation to 'help' someone I don't even know living in Seattle, just because they also happened to be born in the United States. Get a grip, homeboy.
  20. Dey tuk r jerbs!

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