Your Average Day Thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AsthmaticStoner, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Post your average day. From the alarm in the morning, to the last thing you can remember before falling to sleep. And any little thing in between.
  2. Wake up at 7, get ready for work, drive to work and stay there from 8:30-5:30, go for a run during my lunch break, either go to class after or do homework or go to the gym for two hours, go to my boyfriend's, smoke, eat, smoke, hang out with some people, smoke, and sleep.

    It all depends on the day but that's what a typical Monday-Friday type of week is like for me, on the weekends I either have road races or I go on road trips and get the fuck outta this tiny town, just try to live it up. I'm in the process of starting my own business so pretty soon I'll be even busier but I like it that way for the most part.
  3. wake up work, skool,sleeo. Yeh I know it sucks but wht do..
  4. Wake up, lay in bed till I have to shower. Get out and get dressed. Depart for class.

    Go to class and doodle away, while semi paying attention. Bell rings, head to other class or depart home, depends on the day.

    Get home and look for something to eat. While food is being fixed, change into sweats. Go get food and head back to my room for the day.

    Play xbox and go on GC until something comes up. Nothing comes up, lounge around all day.

    Night time falls. Parents go to bed, I smoke a bowl in my room or depart outside and smoke a blunt. Then pass out.

    Yeah, not much is happening right now.
  5. Wake up and spend all day fighting dragons killing people stealing stuff saving the kingdom exploring caves you know the normal stuff
  6. Right now I'm on a hiatus. I'm a stay at home dad after being in the military for 6 years so I can play catch up with son.

    Wake up
    Fix me and my son breakfast
    Watch cartoons with him for awhile or browse the net
    Take him to the park and/or play basketball
    When my wife gets home chill with her
    Smoke with her
    Eat dinner
    Smoke again
    Get drunk with her
    Smoke again
    (Throw sex in there somewhere)

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