Your Art My Skin, You Ready For The Challenge?

Discussion in 'General' started by MCODE, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Well I have to decided I would like to get a tattoo(s)
    I know there are plenty of amazing artists on this site,
    so I'm offering YOU the reader a challenge.
    Its very simple, im going to give a brief description of what
    I want done, and you come up with some artwork.
    I'm getting these tattoos in late January of 2008
    It may seem awhile away but it will creep up on us pretty quick
    so you might just get to see your art on my skin :)

    Description Time

    Alright, I grew up in Dallas, Texas as a kid
    and moved to Toronto in my teens.
    I love both these places dearly, which
    is why they are going to become one with me :)

    So I decided I want 2 stars
    one with the canadian flag inside of it
    and the other with the texas flag of it

    thats all im giving you for description anything else is up to you
    hopefully I get some replies on this thread and some artwork aswell
    thanks for everyone who is choosing to participate.

    Don't Let Me Down GC!
  2. Il give it a shot, but i need to knwo if its cool for you to have like drug related things (not obviously drug related, subtle, but still enough to show what you enjoy)
  3. been wantin' some flash drawn for awhile. All my artistic talent is in my music, I can't even draw a freakin' stick figure!:D

    Tatoo description:

    Taz, wearing a cowboy hat,cowboy boots, holdin' a sax in one hand, a bong in the other.

    If anybody could draw this I'll have it put on immediately!

    with a bong in one hand,other herb related art would be killer.

    Any takers??
  4. TADA! A cowboy hat lol I think it'd be cool if you got a cowboy hat with a star on it, for Texas and then have like a maple leaf hanging off the side almost like a feather :p

  5. :) lol not exactly what I was expecting but its a start, anyone else care to come up with something. I think this is a neat concept and there are TONS of members on GC, help me out guys!
  6. So I decided I want 2 stars
    one with the canadian flag inside of it
    and the other with the texas flag of it

    what exactly do you mean? you just want two stars, with the flag inside of it? or just the logo inside of the stars?
  7. not like actual flags, just the logo. but still both recognizable
  8. Here, this issomething I whippedup.


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