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Discussion in 'General' started by kingoftehcoders, May 3, 2016.

  1. Sup

    Just wanted to gather some opinions on the preferred alternative.
    Just type your preferred then your alt to save confusion.
    I'll go first

    Bongs then J's
  2. Lightbulb vaporizers, chocolate edibles.
  3. The one that gets me high.

    Whichever one that may be, as long as I'm lit.:coolalt:
  4. @ oscar yea lol xD
    @ jane that's definitely different
  5. bowls then joints

    Never been a bong person, had a bunch and they mostly sat on a shelf. Not to say they aren't awesome but not really convenient or super portable either.
  6. Interesting. What exactly is a bowl? The only reference I used it for was like a bowl of weed.
    Joints are my alternative for potability but I do say I make bongs out of milk bottles/powerade (gatorade changed the shapes) a hose and a $5 cones piece or whatevs. I just make bkngs and leave them in places. That way if someone takes it, just walk to my next spot. I'd say the worst part about bongs is the addiction to the rip rather then the actual high itself. Imho.
  7. What's an alternative?
  8. he;s talking about spoon pipes.

    To be honest my preference is piece specific I like some pieces more than rolls I like some rolls more than pieces, It really depends I mainly use bongs, but I smoke a ton of joints so I'll prob have to go with the Bong>Joints as well. But it's usually more specific and situational than that. It's more what feels right than preference.
    For example: I prefer rolls when I drink, and usually bongs for medical use for efficiency.
  9. #1 for flower is my Magic Flight Launch Box ️ just thinking about it gets me giddy, can't wait to get off of work and lift off.

    Alternative.. I'd say a joint is my second favourite, but they're so inefficient that I never roll them

    But if I still had one, I'd say my alternative is bongiin. A nice, cooold water filled bong, with ice pinches in the tube being used to their full potential. On a special occasion, just taking a huge, cold bubbly rip.. that's nice.

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  10. Bongs , chillum.
  11. chillum? I woke up with a wake and bake as usual, Love to see people putting in their two cents haha
  12. And @ lux, is that similar to spotting?
  13. No alternative to the beezer. Beast rips come from bongs.

    Hand held tho if I don't have my spoon I'll whip up an apple pipe and eat that shit after getting baked.
  14. I think a major part of my smoking preferences is dependent on the circumstances.

    If I'm solo and have oil I like to vape, especially because I can do it indoors and not have to worry about the smell. I'm not a big bowl fan since it always burns the hell out of my throat, however I occasionally like to smoke out of them because they're much more compact than my bongs and easier to take outside.

    If I'm with friends I enjoy smoking blunts and joints. Smoking those seemed to be a more social thing, almost ritualistic. It's nice to have a good pace going and to have a stoned conversation with close friends. I remember once we have a nice sized circle and rolled two fat blunts, passed in the opposite direction. The pace was perfect so that you'd have a hit one after the other. Eventually someone would get caught with both and they had to tell a secret and smoke both at once.

    If it's a special occasion I'll whip out my big bing, Zelda. Three percs and two feet of pure sexiness. :)
    After a long day at work or if I really want to get fucked up I'll dog bong rips.
  15. #1 - bong
    Alt- bubbler

    Now that I'm legal and will have a steady flow of dank all the time I'd like to venture into portable vaping in the near future..

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  16. Mostly, I use my spoon. After that, vape cartridges are super easy to deal with, as are tinctures. Past that, I like my vape, but it takes a while to set up and get going (and to use), so that's more of a time commitment, so I don't use it as often as I ought to.

    I'm looking into getting a bubbler. As much as I like my spoon, it's a little harsher than I'd like for everyday use.
  17. Water Bong with crushed ice- Nothing better then that. Long slow steady rips. I'll be flying high in no time.

    I like joints for car rides or chilling at the park.

    My Vaporizer for when I dont want to smell like weed or want to be discreet.

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