Your Advice, Please, on how I can find very mild weed

Discussion in 'General' started by OnePuffPete, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Hi, I've only smoked weed about six times in my life. Had a few amazing experiences listening to Pink Floyd. The other experiences were the result of only taking a few puffs off of some intense weed (which seems to be the popular stuff these days) which caused me to have an anxiety attack.

    Yeah, I'm a lightweight. I was hoping I could tap some of the expertise on this forum. About five years ago I smoked some nice brown weed, had a great taste, and gave me the perfect high for listening to music. Can anyone advise how I can find this type of "light" weed in world of super intenso strength weed? Is this type referred to by a particular name?

    I hope this is enough information!

    Thank you grandmasters of the ganja,

    One Puff Pete

  2. I guess you are referring to "schwag"--low quality, usually compressed (bricked at one time), lots of stems and seeds. This is usually the cheapest stuff you can get. Actually, where I'm from, this tends to be most of what you find. You have to look hard to find good bud. In my oppinion though, you are better off getting the best stuff you can find/afford and just smoke less of it. Try just one hit of the good stuff, and wait a few minutes. See how you feel. You can always smoke more. Good bud tends to taste/smell better, has fewer stems/seeds you have to pick out, and also in some ways I guess is healthier because you don't have to smoke as much to get to where you wanna be. Also, the anxiety is normal for newby/lightweight smokers. The more you smoke, the less likely you are to feel like this. You start to learn what to expect and how you are going to react, so you relax a little more. Also, if you smoke regularly (several times a week) your tolerance will probably go up and you will be able to smoke more without feeling as much (although this is generally considered a bad thing) Hope that helps.

    EDIT Also, the key to overcome the anxiety attacks is to RELAX. Make sure you are in a comfortable atmosphere, where you aren't going to be bothered. Then if you start to feel anxious, just tell yourself that its just the weed, and it will wear off soon enough. You smoked for a reason, so enjoy it :)
  3. well i'm no expert on weed in the U.S. but i beleive they call it mids, and lower down is schwag.........but even if it is chronic, just don't smoke as much.........what to do when you know it's killer weed is have say 1/2 a J and wait approx 10-15 minutes for it to work, and see how you like the effect, if you want some more.....smoke some more........don't be pressurised into smoking too much, just because your mates have one on the burn all the time...........know how much you like, and take it from there, and i feel you will enjoy the experience a lot more..............there's no need to have any more anxiety attacks..........if you know some people who grow, or a man who knows a man etc....then you could try some sativa strains like skunk#1, it will be a more cerebral high.....while indicas give you a heavy body stone......but some people like that..........Peace out..........Sid

  4. Personally I find Sativa strains to be more likely to cause anxiety, because it is more cerebral/trippy. The indica "body" stone is more relaxed I think, but to each their own. Most of what I see in the US is predominantly Indica.
  5. i allways find that i get more paranoia when smoking indica, like i feel that people are looking at me when i'm out.......but not with sativa.........but i love indica, when i'm smoking in my house with my close friends.............and it's mostly indica here as well.......but like you said, it depends on the individual, you have to find the right weed for you..........Peace out.......Sid
  6. When i started off smokin...yeasrs ago it seemed i only ever got my hands on schwag. Now days i can only get good Bud or KB, which is comletely fine iwth me. Schwag doesnt even get me high anymore, just maybe a light buzz.

    Anyways im tryin to say, start off slow, work your way up to a tolerance andget used to how you are when youre high. then before you realize it, youll ejnoy smoking with no anxiety atacks. .. also, hen you do smoke, try to be in a comfortable environment, with friends.
  7. if you get blitzed from shitty weed consider yourself lucky. buy and smoke mids, and youll be spending a hell of a lot less than people smoking the high grade buds. if mids is what makes you happy, then thats what you ought to be smoking.
  8. Thank you all very much for you input!

    One Puff Pete
  9. yeah i'd say look for mids/regs or schwag.... i do prefer the chronic myself
  10. Just like everyone said, just smoke less or ask around for some mids (they call it bammer here). I know it seems like only getting chronic is good, but having each blunt be like 40+ dollars puts a hole in my bank. Also, your really new to smoking, I was just like you and only wanted a small high, but soon you will be wanting to be stoned out of your mind.

    PS: i wouldn't go as low as brown weed, try to at least make sure its greenish somewhat. the lower you go, the more chance of gettin a headache from smokin.
  11. Schwag, brickweed, Mex- taste like shit I dont think thats what you were smokin
  12. hey guys.. just wanna offer my 2 cents on this stuff.. buy high grade shit.. take a hit... wait 2 min.. if u feel nothing repeat... repeat this until you get the desisred buzz.
  13. When you're stoned and about to have an attack just get up and walk around. After you get kinda tired the anxiety will be gone and you'll just be relaxed.
  14. yea i agree with everyone here. just get good stuff still or what you can afford and only smoke as much as YOU want or need to get high. dont listen to other ppl if you dont wanna smoke more. this way you will have fun still and not have anxiety.
    however, anxiety is an inner issue that weed may bring up, but you will still have to deal with it in the end. i used to have anxiety when i smoked weed but i just kept doing it to the point where i couldnt even get paranoid anymore cuz i had got parnaoid so often b4 lol

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