Your Achilles Heal

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  1. Ok I got this idea cuz of the imperfections thread.

    What is your achilles heal if you have one, whether its physical or mental, how can you be "defeated"

    For me my teeth can be knocked out really easily, they've been knocked out about 5 times, so even a weak punch can totally fuck me up if i get hit in the mouth, because my teeth don't just break out, it's my gums that break, like the teeth stay in them, but my gums/upper jaw gets broken back into the middle of my mouth, and it costs a shitload to get them put back in place.

    I'd rather my teeth just break out, at least then I don't bleed profusely and need immediate emergency dental surgery haha

    As far as mental, nothing anyone can do to me mentally really bothers me, I'm super carefree.
  2. my balls?
  3. Sharks


    shark is a fucked word too
  4. bad music. Play some bad music really loud and I might commit a murder, suicide.

    and of course my balls
  5. Tits. A nice set of mommy bags and im a drooling id10t......
  6. i'm not telling
  7. I believe it's spelled "heel"

    and I guess for me, it's spiders. :eek:
  8. fucking moths man
  9. Well on the topic of the Achilles, a friend of mine's dad had his Achilles tendon shoot out of his leg.
  10. I am mentally invincible, but I am a skinny ass white guy who doesn't like to fight. A midget could probably kick my ass if he was mad enough, even without a scrotum-punch.
  11. happened to a custodian at my old elementary school, a heavy door swung shut on the woman.

    i think mine would be...... hmm. my left leg. fucked up my knee and had to have surgery, and i've broken my ankle and foot.
  12. Heights. Get me up somewhere far off the ground and I'd probably start crying like a little school girl.

    Shit freaks me out man.
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    My achilles heel is all emotional, basically when anyone fucks with my older brother who has down syndrome, or pretty much anyone with a mental disability. I used to hang around with people who would do that and I'd shrug it off, just whatever, until one of them called my brother retarded, without knowing he was my brother. Let's just say I got a 10 day suspension, and he had to go to the ER. Fucking ignorant people.

    I don't mind the word retard, or like playing around, kidding n' shit with my brother, just like if he didn't have a mental disability. But like, he can't fight back, or anything like that, like he's helpless, it just fucking kills me. I actually have this horrible dream/nightmare of him drowning.....uggh. Anyway, yeah sorry to bring it down, but yeah that's my achilles heel. It's really not a weakness though, just something I will snap at, cause I'm literally like the chillest out of all my friends, but that right there, can make me fucking flip, if it's to my brother, or anyone with handicaps.
  14. My small penis. Jk. Um, moths. Motherfuckers scare the shit outta me.
  15. My kneecaps. They slide out of place so easily, and it's fucking painful. :( Happens all the time when I play sports, especially basketball, which is why I don't play anymore. Kinda killed my dream of going NCAA or even pro.

    Now I'm kinda depressed lol....
  16. My achilles heel is definitely my eyes. I've been blind as a fucking bat since the day I was born, and I've been wearing glasses since I was 18 months old. If I'm not wearing glasses/contacts and don't know where they are, it's pretty much impossible for me to find them.

    I get double vision, blurred vision at the same time...ugh if I was born a few centuries earlier before glasses and contacts existed I'd be fucked for sure...
  17. [​IMG]
    Chuck Norris
  18. When a girl be rubbing on my earlobes, OHHH! goodness!
  19. People, not giving other music genres their roommate is a big metal I guess we naturally clash musically as I like smooth jazz/funk. But I swear if he tells me I got nothing on Cliff Burten one more time I'm going to stick my bass up his ass.
  20. Bad food, horribly cooked.
    or nasty, I cant stand that shit.

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