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Your 2 cents on how to get a more enjoyable high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Eleutherios, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I've been smoking for two months straight and I can feel my tolerance building up again. I usually smoke around 4 bowls from my small chillum of dro a day.

    So what can I do to get higher or stay high longer? I have a water bong and it only gets me a little higher than the chillum (but using more weed).

    What do you guys do to keep you high longer?
  2. Getting your blood pumping can help you get a more intense high. Someone on the boards was saying just running in place for a bit before you smoke can even help a bit.

    There's not much you can do get higher or stay higher longer, other than smoking more, or by getting something like a vaporizer which is more effective. Perhaps put yourself in situations where you can enjoy it more? I know sometimes if I'm just sittin in my room smokin', I'll be baked, but if I go and take a walk in the city, it is certainly a MOST enjoyable experience.
  3. i honestly don't believe that there is a tolerance. i'll say though that you may get familiarized with the effects so that its not the same new, crazy sensation you get when you first blaze. if you feel you're getting as tolerance try smoking or vapeing is best, but either way smoke/vape one hit at a time and then you'll see less>more.
  4. na i think its tolerance. just celebrated my 1yr straight (saturday), and ill tell you there is deffly tolerance.
  5. Ripe mangos work from what i read. Eat one before smoking. I also feel like i am more aware of my high when i smoke by myself.
  6. Yeah smoke a fat joint to yourself outside sometime in the late evening, then come indoors in the warm and sit on a sofa, works for me!
  7. change the method you smoke by. Change the people you smoke with. I think its a mental thing.
  8. I tested the mango and could not have been happier with the results. it works!
  9. Me too! Without it, I tend to be pretty high for the first 30 minutes or so, and then trail off over the next hour or two, depending on the quality of the bud.

    With a fresh mango 20-30 min before smoking, I'm real high for a good hour to hour and a half, pretty high for another 2-3 hours after that, and then just a mild, chill high after that for another couple hours (not nearly as strong--I generally toke again at that point). You might want another mango too :)

  10. Cool, have to try it out. So I would just go to the grocery store and buy a couple mangoes and eat them half and hour before smoking? Does it work even if you have a considerable tolerance?
  11. There is definitely such thing as tolerance :p It's science and fact.

    However you are also correct in that you do start to get used to the effects over time. At firs it can be kinda overwhelming but as you learn to control dose and start becoming more active you can adapt to the effects to function better and so you may find yourself feeling less high.
  12. 1. Use glassware and don't let it burn between hits.
    2. Ghost all of your hits.
    3. Smoke it down to the magic.

    It's what I use to put down veterans, it should work for you.

  13. What's ghosting? Lol also what do you mean by smoke it down to the magic?
  14. I completely agree with trawepaley and have always thought that!

    Your high can change with your attitude, your surrounding, your comfort, a lack of anxiety, being content, all of these things help.

    I remember I was high one time, I just smoked. I knocked over my bong and spilled everywhere and got really pissed at myself. However after cleaning up, I realized I wasn't high at all and had to smoke again, and still wasn't happy with it.

    I make a habit of putting on some chilling Bob Marley, and taking my time packing a bowl and having some water near by. Just completely relax an you will find yourself enjoying your high more!
  15. ghosting- holding in hit for as long as you can so when you exhale you don't see smoke.

    I think he means get the most out of the bud by smoke it to the magic.
  16. Try doing something new when you're high. For me, its always been playing guitar or listening to music after toking, but I decided to try reading Brave New World stoned and it was intense.

  17. I agree. I enjoy smoking alone and simply taking a walk. I also suggest not blaring music, rather turning it down. It allows you to hear sounds outside of your headphones and also makes you focus more on the instruments, lyrics, and such.
  18. I find that changing the smoking medium helps alot. Its seems to me if I change from blunt to bubbler to bong to bowl and so on I get more high than I would if I kept smoking the same way.

    Changing strains of marijuanna is also an excellent way to stay extra high:smoking:
    It seems to me that when I smoke one strain for a while I don't get as high. But when I get a new sac of equally good weed I get super High:smoking: This is because different strains give you different highs. This is why I try to keep different flavors around so I can switch it up when I get sick of one high then switch back and so on.....

    Just got a new flavor today after two weeks of smoking the same shit and now im super high:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    :smoking:DONT FORGET TO BRING A TOWEL:smoking:
  19. ya mango, i dont buy that it get you higher, but i will tell you they taste awesome, so its win-win or at least neutral-win.

    Along with what everyone else has said, try smoking a different way. Roll a j, or make a homemade piece. Waterfalls are super easy to make and regular grav bongs are about the most intense hit you can take (imo 1litre bottles are best for waterfalls while 1gallon milk jugs rock for reg grav bongs....sockets are awesome for bowls too)

    Try making firecrackers or brownies, likewise you could try making some really potent green dragon (or not real potent green dragon if you wanna get drunk too)

    theres a whole world of marijuana to explore and a whole world to explore while on marijuana, start adventuring
  20. I smoked everyday for a year last year taking only one hit of some MMJ every day and never built a tolerance. So I would say, cut down.

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