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Your 100%, sure-fire, #1 techniques for secret indoor smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by idioteque, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Whether you have non-420-friendly company or are in a risky setting, sometimes you just gotta be discreet. What are your BEST methods to blaze ninja-style, leaving yourself and your surroundings seeming "like nothing ever happened"? :cool:
  2. sploof, locked door, incense, window open, fan on low facing the window, and cover my bongs bowl with my thumb after hitting; so it wont smell. works for me, no one has caught me in a couple months since i've been doing that :D
  3. pack only enough for 1 hit in a bowl and take a massive rip.
  4. pack enough for one hit. if you've never done this before, pack less than you would think is a hit. cause you are guaranteed to be wrong and cough smoke out your nose.

    use a spoof and make sure you have good ventilation. not too easy and not too hard to blow through. it's a good way to keep your tolerance down if this is the only way you smoke.
  5. Haha back when I had to smoke secret agent style, I had a sploof and a bong. That was all. Like everyone said just pack a snap in your bong/ piece of choice, rip the shit out of it, and blow out the sploofie.

    Ah the good ol' days. Now I have a bong shelf right above my books, 360, and DVD's :p:D
  6. smoke when no ones home and febreeze the room your chillen in afterwords and maybe crack a window
  7. Hashish suppository.
  8. Take one hit from a chillum/spoon/one-hitter,
    then hold it in for long enough so when you exhale nothing comes out...
  9. I don't know that there is a sure fire way, each house/area has different drafts that cause smoke to go where we don't expect it. I usually open a window, use a fan, towel the door, and light incense. The incense usually covers it up, but again I don't care about incense smell being suspicious or any small whiffs of weed that might survive. Add a sploof to the mix and I think you're as close as you're gonna get it.
  10. That shits harsh
  11. desperate times call for desperate measures :)
  12. Perhaps to you,
    It has never bothered me any once I got used to it..
    Its worse for your lungs though, but comes in handy when you need hella stelth
    I have smoked in public bathrooms using this technique (with a one-hitter) and there was no smell whatsoever..
  13. Incense. I used to get rids out to the medival fairs and just load up on cheap, smelly incense. Each store that sold incense had about 500+ custom flavors, and I bought a sword one time.

    Someone stole it though.... like what the fuck..... who steals a sword? It's not like it's registered to my name or some shit.
  14. Hahaha, yup, that's a good method...

    Around here we call it "ghosting" the hit XD
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    Even better than Febreeze is this aerosol stuff called Ozium -- you can get it in the car section at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. Spray a bit (not a ton, maybe 2 or 3 seconds of spraying total) in the middle of the room, leave the room (because its not good to breathe a lot of it in), give it ten minutes or so aaaannnd -- no smell whatsoever! It works so freaking well. It doesn't cover up the smell, it somehow breaks it down.

    Another great thing about Ozium is that it doesn't leave behind a strong scent of its own (vaguely lemony, sorta like furniture polish). Incense, Febreeze, and other air fresheners have strong scents, which can be suspicious in and of themselves sometimes.
  16. candles and a spoof. that always works for me. oust spray works pretty well. thats bout it.
  17. My volcano is perfect for indoor smoking, vape + sploof
  18. Not even want me to show you guys how to do it with a huge rip?
  19. I know sploofs are popular but I use balloons.

    I take a big rip and inflate a balloon when I want to exhale. Then I can deflate the balloon later or just pop it outdoors and throw it away. It's pretty easy to hide. It's kinda funny how if you inflate a balloon with smoke, tar will deposit on the balloon and then flake off and roll around inside.

    In my experience it's no big deal to let a bowl cherry, just hold it right up behind the blades of a fan blowing out a window and you're good. You should throw a towel under your door crack and get some cross ventilation going if you can.
  20. #20 xilen, Feb 15, 2009
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    Go into the bathroom, lock the door, and put a towel in front of the bottom crack of the door, turn the shower on nothing but hot water, let it get really hot and steamy. Then blaze a way. The steam filters the smoke, and the smoke actually blends in with the steam, and the smell goes away, when the shower is turned off, and the remaining water goes down the drain the smell goes with it. Trust me, did this MANY of times in my college dorm room. Never got caught, even had them come by just seconds after I took my last hit, and checked my room...They didn't suspect a thing.

    P.S. It was a routine check, they weren't suspicious in the first place.

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