youngsters think they are cool

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  1. some young ass little white kids are walking down my block and i'm toking there. my dad had put this chemical shit on the dry wood on the porch that stunk like hell, but had a sweet smell.

    little kids were like "dude it smells like bubblegum." "yeah." but THEN one of them goes "it smells like weed too!" and they get all happy and excited, nut their pants, whatever youngsters do when they smell weed. and then they pass me and see and one of them is like "OOOOHHHHHHH it's ok bro WE WON'T TELL!!" hella loud so everyone and their fucking mother could hear it. all the way down the block they where being hella hot.

    what a fucking buzzkill

    and yet entertaining experience
  2. deuchebags
  3. deck that little fucker in the face:D
  4. Id run over 2 the house and plant weed in the kids room.
  5. a little drastic, but ok.:D

    Shoulda thrown rocks at em
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    haha those white kids makin it hella hot tho[​IMG]
  7. I hate it when you see immature/young (usually both) people smoking.
    My opinion is that weed should be used by 'thinkers' if anyone knows what I mean by that. Intelligent, openminded people.

    Sorry i'm quite high...
  8. Hah i agree with planting the weed in the kids room.

    I know this little brat who thinks he's the bomb because i let him blaze with us once....

    Ah well, weren't we all a little bit prone to douchebaggery when we were like 12?

    I know i was, i was insufferable.
  9. I hate kids like that. Even when I was young if I saw a guy blazing I'd ask for a few hits than smoke him out or give him some cigs if he wanted them.

    What would you of done if instead one of them went over and asked for a couple tokes and than he said he'd smoke you out.
  10. Why you gotta point out the fact they were white? You must be a racist

    lol...joking ofcourse
  11. only when white people talk about another race can they be racist.:rolleyes:


  12. for the purpose of getting that image in your mind.

    if they where black i would have said "little black kids"

    and fuck i'd never ask those kids to smoke


    if they had weed they'd prolly have bammer
  13. i woulda jumped up and started chasing them...they probly woulda shit their would be sooooo funny...theyd never bother you again either it time these kids threw a water balloon at my car and i slammed on the brakes threw it in park and hopped out hose kids ran back into their house faster then id ever seen anybody run.....
  14. It totally works yo. Even at night like i don't take shit from people EVER. Esp on the roads in LA. This one guy (college kid) yelled at me when i didn't fully stop for a stop sign. began to get out of my car. He didn't stay for long :D

  15. you got attacked by a falcon?

  16. ha what? +rep
  17. yes, thats what you do after throwing shit at cars.
  18. Little white kids think when they shit it smells like roses and fairy dust.
  19. lets no hate on all little homies i my self am "18" and do not act that way around ppl smoking weed i tend to ask for a few hits (if i kno them) and smoke them up next time. i never smoke weed with ppl i dont kno u never kno wat kinda shit they do to the herb"laced" ew

  20. dude you're a sav for that

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