Younger smoker's and developing brain's

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  1. Ive always heard that if your young and your brain is still " developing" that smoking the ganja can cause worse effects then say a full grown adult.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew the truth to this ?
  2. Yea of course, Chemically altering something in the middle of the developing stage will of course probably not do the best to a younger brain. Marijuana alters the way the brain thinks and it doesnt even 100% know how to think so you gotta be careful about the age.

  3. This is actually true. It's the main reason why I preach against kids under 18 smoking or using ANY intoxicants at all. The brain is actually still developing until age 18-20, and anything that affects brain chemistry should be avoided.

    I can just hear all the 15 year olds here who lied about their age to sign up screaming at me.
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    I heard that the brain is still developing until you're almost 30... But the source of that info coulda been flawed... *scampers off to search google*

    EDIT: ...So I ran a couple searches and the common consensus seems to be that your brains is still developing into your mid 20's, and for some this can take a lil longer... So almost 30 for some, early to mid 20's for most...

    Technically, then, we shouldn't start blazing until we're like 25, lol.

    EDIT 2: Oh shit OSG... I just saw your post. Good shit mayne :)
  5. ^^^ That is actually true as well, but the critical development ends around 20ish. It's no coincidence that many people don't start getting their shit together until their mid to late 20's.
  6. seriously, i smoked when i was younger and now that im older i notice that all my non smoker friends are super taller then myself. i stunted my growth at a youthful age. i am completely against underage smoking, to young to stupid. period
  7. I started smoking when I was thirteen and now I can't tie my shoes :(
  8. i started smokeing at age 13 im 23 now i have had no problems
  9. maybe it affects it positively.....?
  10. Perhaps because I started smoking when I was 12'ish weed did affect my brain chemistry, I would like to think it gave me a more open mind :smoke:.
  11. im not judging but I started smoking when I was 17 and I think thats a ok age, if it was a legal dug im sure it would be 18 but 17 I think is ok

    I would never smoke with anyone 16 or younger

    like if i was with my dudes and hes little brother walks in and start hitting and hes like 12 I would be like

    im out bro

    ya know just not right with me

    like if my kids some day smoked weed I proabably wouldnt care but i have alot of what ifs.

    as long as he wasnt below 17
  12. I heard that if you start smoking at too young of an age, you begin to overuse apostrophes in your later years...

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