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Young smokers

Discussion in 'General' started by EZEKIEL18, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Is it just me or are kids strating to smoke at a younger age all the time! i took a trip to cali to visit my cousins one (12) the other is (10). I am 18 and started smoking around 15. One day i was out back lighting up a blunt and my lil 12 yr old couisn comes up behind me and askes, "hey man hook ur cousin up with a hit".....I just stood there and stared at him. My god 12 years old and already a pot head. of course i didnt give ne to him but i sat down and asked him how long he had been smoking he told me a lil less than a year and his lil brother (10) had jsut started also. I asked him y he started and he told me he wanted to be "gansta". well then im glad the youth these days are thriving to be ganstas. ne one else notice this? or is my family just werid?
  2. Yes!! But I'm an old woman......hee hee! I have two young teens and I know I've seen a few of the kids thier age all red-eyed. I've tried very hard to get them to understand why it's best for them to at least wait until they are older if they're gonna do anything. I've been tryin' like hell to keep up with them - you know - meeting thier friends, making them check in with me all the time. It's hard and it doesn't seem to be gettin' any easier.
  3. I started when i was 13. It wasn't to be a gangsta though.
  4. I think people should wait at least until they are through puberty and done developing before they start doing any kind of mind altering drug. After that, the decision is up to them.
  5. yeah, my brothers mates do it and their all 12/13. some of them dont admit it,they think that i dont do it and beleive i dont know what stoned people look like, :rolleyes:
  7. some high guy12 should be banned! NOW! He's 5! (teehee) he says is boldly and plainly.
    I met some 13 year old the other day. He is the son of a friend of my aunt. So, I hung with him for a few minutes. He said something about weed.. cause I guess I look like a pothead. But anyway, he said he smokes cigarettes. Like half a pack a day. That had me shaking my head like.. man, that's bad for you. And then he was like, "at least I'm not hooked on weed". And maaaan. Oooo. If he were older I woulda educated the hell outta him. He seemed completely serious and oblivious to the fact that cigs and weed are totally different, and in his eyes, weed seemed to be worse. "At least I'm not hooked on weed".... But I guess maybe all he sees is 13 year olds smoking it. And I could imagine a 13 year old getting dependant on it. It's hard to put into words how that little phrase made me feel.. once again, "at least I'm not hooked on weed".
    But I said nothing. Cause he was the kid of a friend of my aunt.. and I'm over 18. So.. ya know.
  8. GJ criminal...anyways....the only problem I have with young smokers is their attitude...they just piss me off when I see 'em actin all tough shit and "im cool cause i smoke and im gonna show it". IDK, thats just the way I feel...
  9. People like him are idiots. I hate it when people say shit when they don't even know anything, just ignorant fools. I would of bitch slapped that kid and brought some sense into him. And anyone who does something because others do is just stupid, but mostly young cig smokers smoke to look cool. Even in your situation, I would of said something. I believe that people should be able to smoke weed whenever they want to, its their life, they should get to choose. But I don't believe it should be brought down upon them because of peer pressure or anything like that, and as long as they don't do it to look cool. Even though they should be able to do it whenever they want, So basically, I'm saying they should be mature enough to make that decision for themselves.
  10. 1 was about 13 when i started smoking, and i know i went around telling people that i smoked because i thought its "cool" but now i just dont really give a shit, if people want to smoke they can come to me but i dont go around asking people if theywant to...ya hear me??i dont really know if im rambling or what

  11. no body, but the person who got me into it knew i did it for about six mouths then i told my other mate who'd just started told everyone about it :rolleyes:
  12. theres nothing wrong with smokin young! i started smokin weed all the time when i was like 13 and i first took a hit when i was 12... and 12 is nothing! i used to have a friend named chris who was 10 yrs old and smokes more weed then I do... and he started at 7!
  13. dunno man, I myself don't encounter anyone who is much younger than high school age.

    When I was 13, I heard a rumor that a friend of mine smoked. I went to his house one time and just busted out, "so where's your weed at?"

    lol, needless to say I shocked him. I have fond memories of going to his house...
  14. its not just you. i started somking at 9. i walked in on my sister and her man smoking. told her i was gonna tell mom. adn she made me sit and smoke it with her. all teh little kids in my town are starting to smoke too. shits gettin fucked up round here

  15. haha me 2
  16. I started smoking at 10........ But I wasn't trying to be "gangsta"....... and in my opinion it was too young to be smoking to begin with.
  17. I had my first smoke when I was 11. I may have smoked 2-3 times after then but just until this summer I really didnt do much. But now.. Well thats a whole differant story. Funniest thing is, I had to write a mini-thesis type thing my my comp. networking class, I failed miserably the first time and the 2nd time, I smoked a few bowls, somehow things just clicked in my head :)

  18. I completely agree with you. I started when I was about 11 years old, I had a good time, but I don't think I was mature enough to appreciate it. I wasn't smoking heavily, but every now and then with my older brother.

    It didn't become an everyday thing until a little before my 17th birthday. And now, out on my own, I could smoke every day, but can't afford to. :)

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