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young smokers, minimum age?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Dec 16, 2001.


Should there be a minimum age to smoke cannabis?

  1. Yes, and it should be stricktly impossed.

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  2. No.

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  3. Not for the government to decide like that

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  4. there should be an examination (perhaps just a reading of DNA) to tell if someone is capable of hand

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  1. My cousin (15) is quite aware of the realitys of drugs, cannabis and stuff of that nature, although he has never yet tried anything currently illegal... and i'm not even sure if he drinks alcohol (rare where i come from as 13 is the average "start alcohol abuse age") but he has expressed an interest to me in aquiring some of the herb's sweet smoke to inhale. I've known people as young as 10 who smoke, i've smoked since i was 16, so is my concern totally misplaced... or am i worried he might not learn from the "experiments" which i did @ his age...

    and just incase he reads this... hey kex, wanna smoke sometime? heehee

  2. I think yes. The age that i think anyone should be to start is 16-17. I feel taht kids younger than that would not be responcible enough! I started at 17.
  3. yes I think that they should put an age on it but they should legalize it in the meantime
  4. ok...all you younger posters might disagree with me...but, I think the legal age...(when and if it becomes legal)...should be 18. I think it should be 18 to drink alcohol too...I don't understand the deal with 21 as the legal age for anything. Everyone knows that once you go to's keg party makes no sense to restrict people from their fun because of some stupid ass law that says they have to be 21.
  5. Let 'em drive drink or smoke the herb,but they have to suffer the penalties the same as an adult.They want to play,they have to be willing to pay.=-)
  6. I agree, 18! I have known younger teens to be more responsible than some "adults," but the legal age should be 18. I could go on forever about my reasons why, but bottom line: under the age of 18 you are still considered a CHILD. I hate seeing CHILDREN get busted for marijuana, or flunk out of high school because they can't handle their marijuana/drug habits. Not that I feel that all under 18's are irresponsible with marijuana use, but it should not be readily available until they have reached that age! I know, a law like that won't stop many under-agers, but it could inhibit them a little until they are mature enough to understand the concepts of responsibility and consequences.

    Not that it's legal whatsoever right now, but if the time were to come, I am sure the government will decide at 21, unless some medical problems require a prescription at an earlier age...

    Just my thoughts, sorry to the younger ones on the board.. My bf started @ 14 and turned out OK, I started at 18 and turned out OK, I don't think it's an evil drug, I just think it should be handled with certain respect and responsibility.
  7. if they can send u to die for your country they should at least let ya drink a beer or smoke a lil smoke!! eh?
  8. I don't think there should be a minimum age for smoking (if it were legal that is). It's quite obvious that the minimum ages for the legal drugs (cigs, alcohol) don't really work. I mean how many people who smoke or drink actually wait until they are of legal age to try these things? I think that a minimum age would do nothing but increase the allure to the drug for young people looking to rebel. I think the best defense against a teen starting too young is their parents. Honesty about the drug and it's effects is the best way to go. By making the drug less taboo it decreases the need to try it secretively. I have a young cousin whose father has been openly smoking since she was a baby. He presented her with the opportunity to try it with him when she was ready and he was completely honest with her about his use. Guess what? She didn't try it until she was 16 and decided it wasn't really for her.

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  9. Sorry all you young burners, I think you have to wait untill 18. Think of all the ellicit fun of childhood drugs, alcohol, sex weed should be the same.
  10. I agree with an age limit. My first instinct would be say at age 34. By then all your fuck-ups would be done, probably alreadt married and divorced by then, and into a pretty hefty mortage. YOU have by then had enough shit come down on you so you respect how valuable weed is. *LOL*

    Minmum age for females, 18, Minimum wage for boys, after 25 sexual intercourse sessions after they lose their virginity. *LOL*
  11. i think you sould beable to start smoking posion when you hit 14 or 15........and you have to beable to control your high and not act stupid. i started smoking weed when i was 12. my uncle and me smoked. but i always could act mature and beable to smoke with older people.i think i was to young to smoke at that age.........but what did i going to grow my own plant the end of febuary. and i think im mature anof.

    stay high
  12. Who has (seriously) waited 21 years to have their first drink! NO ONE !!! IF we truly stand a chance to legalize(USA)...we need to set some ground rules I say 17 & over..and all you young kids shhhhh you'll still get some!

    Sharing is caring!

  13. In all seriousness now, the general public will never allow legalization until your 21. Which i crap in my book. If you can be drafted at age 18 to die for your country, that ought to be good enough to allow you to drink and smoke
  14. Im suprised to see such a majority in favour of such age limits. I thought that other age limits prove their relative ineffectiveness. HerbalHarmony reminded me of what i consider to be the best solution... Full, honest and open drug Education.
    No impossed limits and restrictions, only openess and education (both Parental and throughout Schooling). No forbiden fruit effect.
    Kids these days are prescribed far more powerful drugs (eg. Ritalin), with no age limit, and which haven't even been around long enough to discover the long term hazardous effects.

    Although i don't think there should be a state impossed limit, there are obvious concerns about amotivational syndrome in teens (particularly males, even into their 20s) and how it could affect their developing brains and consequently thier education.

  15. I'm 14 and i've been smoking for a year. I do it responsibly though. I only smoke on weekends. I am fully awware of the consequences of smoking and school. My brother fucked up his scholarship to yale like that
  16. look I'm fifteen. I feel that I am responsible enough to smoke but then how does one define "responsible enough?" I mean are you talking about whether you do it in a safe area or not, whether you are able to cope mentaly with using pot (whether it warps your fragile little mind). What I say is this- many people think that responsibility is linked with age- bullshit. There are 30 year olds who have no responsibility at all who cannot cope with it mentaly and who experience mental problems (psychosis psychological dependance etc) and who are less mature/able than the majority of fifteen year olds. I don't know whether what I said made any sense to anyone- I'm tired and when I get tired I don't put my point across very well. bottom line is (and I'll try to make this make sense)
    This applies to everything not just pot. Responsibility, maturity, ability are not defined by age. On my 18th birthday am I suddenly going to wake up and have an epiphany. Oh my god I am suddenly more able. No. I have no idea of how you are going to solve the problem of stopping people who aren't capable from using pot/voting etc. But you can't simply decide what people can and can't do simply by what group they fit into.
  17. By the way- the thing about dropping out of school- I am currently working towards my gcses where I am predicted mainly A's (a few A*s as well) I am working hard and i have practicaly secured myself a place at a top school for my a levels.
  18. Troops were being recruited for Vietnam at the tender age of 18 and they couldn't even vote for president. Shortly after they fought and died for their country the age to vote was changed from 21 to 18. I think medicinal marijuana will become legal to all the states in my lifetime and if the laws change I'd like to see the legal age to toke up at 18.
  19. Firstly.
    wise words eome. did u vote for the DNA thing? One day it will be a good idea... just give "HUMANITY" a few generations to grow up.

    I'd just like to take back some of the things i said about amotivational syndrome... there are too many reports out there saying that "Lazy" people are drawn to heavy use of grass, as opposed to heavy use of grass leads to amotivational syndrome. So u can say Lazyness may cause heavy cannabis use, but cannabis use does not cause prolonged Lazyness.

    In all wars people have lied about their age to be drafted... again more proof that age limits largely fail.

  20. hello, im 14, i turn 15 in march, ive been blazin for like 4 months and i only know like 10 people my age who dont smoke, whats wrong, it is the same for everyone i feel, and for those of u who say we cant "handle it" well, i blaze it before i go to school and scince then my gpa have rose by a full point. :eek:) and i havent gotten caught and that shows it not overwhelming. peace

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