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  1. Oddly I have some one month old Qrazy Train, Green Love Potion and Cotton Candy plants that are otherwise healthy except they all have varying degrees of dwarfing or stunted appearance. Internodes are only 3/8" apart or less under plenty of CFL and low wattage (100w) MH light veg chamber. Plants have lush emerald green color and display no trace element problems. F&D hydro, gravel medium, PH 6.5 with Eco-Grow nutes I've used for years without problems. Humidity, temps and air circ. is good. Am a veteran but haven't seen this before. Weird but they look almost bonsai without having been pinched or stressed in any way. Main stems are super thick and lots of leaves and branches but the tallest one is only 7-8 inches and only a 6-7 inch footprint due to very short fan leaf stems. It may be that they're still coming out of the seedling stage and just look that way for now. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks for any input.
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    Too weird! Like some bolt out of nowhere since right before starting this thread yesterday morning most of the plants have exploded with normal developed growth. Like they had some pent up release of energetic growth spurt. I did change my reservoir the other day but with nothing different than what I did before. Had to be just a combination of factors and timing that caused this unusual pattern. Dwarfs no more.

    Edit: To affirm what is known and help spread the word about the QT. The strain is more nute sensitive than others and likes a 15-20% weaker nute mix with hydro to perform optimally.

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