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  1. hello,
    So my friend is growing for the first time in his cupboard, says they are Blueberry cannabis seeds. Using CFL bulb at 6500k, potted in approx 3 gallon pot with Canna Terra pro soil. The seed was placed in tissue to germinate 19 days ago and she's now a seedling.
    Problem is there seems to be discolourations on the leafs, plus wrinkles or something... some of the edges of the leafs are not very uniform either. Could he have over watered it as it's in such a large pot? If so how can he save it? Or is this something else

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  2. What is your ph at when you water? Only other problem I can think of is heat stress. What are the temps?
  3. You got a small fan to put in there and how does air get in
  4. Bought a fan today and set it up, hopefully it will help. Also bought ph monitor to double check my levels etc, will update in a couple of days when Iv checked, thanks guys
  5. You gonna repot into a larger container
  6. Will be sticking with this 3 gallon pot, can't have too large of a grow etc
  7. Have u added nutes to the pot?

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