young plant too tall....too thin

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by regodus, May 23, 2006.

  1. my plant is a couple of weeks old and it is already six inches tall but the leave are tiny it is just like a spindly long stem with tiny leaves. I put it close to a light but nothing seems to be working, any suggestions?
  2. What kind of light? The plant obviously is not getting enough and is stretching to reach adequate light.
  3. It might be to late are you growing with an incandescent?
  4. it still looks healthy i just want to know how to thicken up the stem some and keep it from growing too much taller. i use a flourescent 2 foot bulb.
  5. move the light to within 2 inches of the plant and if you dont want it to get taller try tying it down.
  6. Get a breeze on that badboy....STAT!
  7. Here is what you do...

    Get a larger Pot, and transplant the tree in it, puttig almost all of the stem under the soil (remove any lower leafs, new roots will grow from there) leave about 1 to 2 inches of stem out the ground and keep the light close!
  8. ...IF you are using a fluoro tube or cfl. Not if using MH or HPS.
  9. PLANT IS 18 DAYS OLD 9 inches high just now growing second set of leaves but is green no brown and smells great
  10. Um...thanks for that update.

    Any reason to post this non-question on an unrelated thread that's been dead for 5 years? [​IMG]
  11. Lmfao! Who was that masked man?! :eek:
  12. sorry computer froze earlier its just now growing its second set of leaves is this good or bad

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