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  1. I planted the sprouted seed 5 days ago and it’s been getting worse every day so I decided to post a photo. I started giving it low levels of food two days ago since I have a bigger plant which I’m feeding with the same nutes. The water is ph fine and I checked most of the common error causes. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  2. Are you growing in coco?
    Why didn't you fill the containers with soil?
  3. They were mostly full when i first put the coco in but after watering a few times its compacted.
  4. That's a hell of a lot of compacting......they're not even half full.
    Your seedling looks like the membrane from inside the seed shell was attached to the cotyledons......probably the reason for the yellowing.
  5. I put it in and didn't pack it at all when i first filled it so thats probably why. And also do you think the plant will be fine?
  6. Was your coco buffered?
    Personally I would transplant the bigger one to another pot with more coco in it.
  7. Yeah it was buffered and also how long should i wait until i transplant the smaller one?
  8. It depends on the size......I usually transplant at 2 weeks from sprout.
    2 weeks from sprout.
    14 days.JPG
  9. Thank you for all the advice.
  10. You're welcome.
    Good luck. :)
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  11. Ok I think the main issue is that you are overwatering the seedling . I usually do not water for the first 4 days after the seed pops up. I wait until the coco changes color before watering . Give the roots a chance to reach out and search for water . And the first pics can be overwatering or just a little mutation

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