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    (click on image to see video)

    all the 4.5 inch pots that are not picked up out of the box are called "danks" (1.5 weeks old) around here. the 4.5 pot that is picked up, around here is called "fire"(roughly 2 weeks). not sure on exact strains. the youngest ones are called "midz" around here (5 days old). I know the midz all in the soda bottle bottom seems a bit odd...but they are going to be transplanted relatively soon.

    ( i put them in quotes because im not sure what those are classified as in other parts of the country).

    forgot to get rid of audio, sorry for video quality, in the beginning my 13 year old brother sings the beginning of bring da ruckus by wu tang and then i tell him to shhh. (haha) :p

    my main concern is are these lil ones in good health, and i noticed on the one classified as "fire; had browning of the incoming leaves...i dont think its a good sign.

    the mix for the soil is 3 parts peat moss, 2 parts vermiculite/perlite, 1 part top soil, 1 part mix of loam and manure. (.5 parts each)

    have not fed them any ferts yet..sort of afraid too after seeing that spot on my dankest plant..

    it frosted last night, i brought them in using the shoe box (before i went to bed), they dont stay in the shoe box they sit in a spot where they get around 3 - 4.5 hours direct sunlight(outside), this week has been cloudy and rainy so its been rough for these lil ones...not sure if the stress of such drastic changes in the weather and light are going to effect them in the long run. :confused:

    help please. :smoking:
    (1st lone grow)
  2. Most of your sprouts look good but the ones you pic up at about 24 seconds into the video, look like they're strecthing for light. When seedlings sprout and adequet light is not present their stems will often grow lenghty and unstable before they start growing more leaf sets. If it's possible, you should try to give them a little more than 4 hours of direct light.

    You did good to bring them in during the frost at night and your other plants look fine so keep up the good work. I wouldn't worry about a few cloudy days. Good luck.

  3. thanks,
    is the one that i pick up out of the box and set on the floor okay for being about 2 weeks old? (size, leaves, color etc.)

    im not sure if you caught the brown in the incoming set of leaves on some of the older ones, should i be worried about that?
  4. The ones you picked up aren't doing bad but I thought they seemed to be stretching their stems.

    I didn't notice much browning by looking at the video. Is it on the tips of the leafs that I'm not seeing?

    How moist is your soil?
  5. the brown spots are on the incoming (new leaves) a few of my plants have the same issue, im thinking it may be because of stress?

    my soil is not really moist, its just barely damp, i water it once the soil completely dries out but not after the plants starts wilting.
  6. looking good, but the one jar you have with the 4 or 5 plants stretching for light, you should put them in individual pots soon so the roots dont entangle. but all in all remember it is a plant, a living thing, it will grow as it wants.:smoking:

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