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young bro, confused

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by kush smoker, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. i am a virgin, i have ben tryn 2 get wth this 1 pretty fine bitch and i talkd 2 her for a bit n she jus ignored me like she was in the middle of gettn fuckd:mad: and then i was at my boys house tonite with like 6 other kids and 1 bitch, the bitch was aite not very attractive 2 me, shes a blond but im tryna get the other brunette sexy bitch, they were all callin me a pussy for not fucking her in the garage with 6 other dudes in the house:confused::confused: what the fuck do i do the brunette said "i just wanna let yu know im sorry for ignorin u before" and im not realy sure if she likes me or not:confused: help please
  2. If you don't call her a bitch it might increase your chances.
  3. you need a better mindset bro
  4. just go for it. the worst that could happen is she would say shes not interested...and if youve never been rejected, might as well start now cause god knows it will happen more than once.

    but dont act all that into her, and be kind of a nice asshole. shit tends to work for some reason
  5. no girls are bitches, you just aren't satisfying there needs properly. take it as a signal instead of just labeling a bitch and disregarding her perspective of the situation immediately.

    it will only increase your odds of attracting women.
  6. i always seem to fuck everything up wen it comes to gettin girls... not sure i guess im jus shy
  7. Your grammatical competence makes me flaccid. I wept quietly to myself after reading your post.
  8. im sorry man but i just remembered you said your still a virgin...

    you gotta get on that man, tomorrows the day. find a girl that you thinks into you and just go for it. i got laid for the first time at 14. if i was 18+ and hadn't had be a little upset

    no disrespect man, i understand how it is.

    p.s. Mary Jane always puts out;)
  9. Well depends on the situation. For me I was always grounded so didn't lose mine till right before I turned 17. So you can't put it like that man:rolleyes:
  10. you need new friends. and if it does happen. well.... pics ..or it didnt:hello:
  11. 16's a different story

    and im really not trying to be an ass..sorry if it came out like that
  12. Maybe because your balls haven't dropped yet? :rolleyes:
  13. You could start by not referring to a girl as a bitch.
  14. Damn, dude, you're on some neanderthal shit... Do you even have opposable thumbs?

    My suggestion is that you evolve, you know? Grow up man.

    A female is a woman until she has proven herself to be a bitch. They're not all bitches. I mean, some males are bitches too.
  15. Word.
  16. Yeahhh a good start would be to stop calling the girl a bitch..... haha.... how long did she ignore you for?

    And dude, don't wig out because theres people in the house if your fucking, just do it, its sex, its no biggy man
  17. He's got it. If you don't put the pussy on a pedestal, it'll come much easier :hello:
  18. Hahaha yeah bro you gatta play it "sweetheart" with girls and you'll get all kinds of pussy. But if your just lookin to get laid fuck the blonde a few times for practice, i mean if this brunette girl is as hott as you say she is then im sure she's had it given to her pretty good. you dont wunna be that guy that lasts 2 mins fuck'em good and they will always come back. Atleast it works for me lol

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