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You'll think I'm nuts.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. .....if you don't already!!
    Watchin' VH1 Metal Mania (or somethin') and it has caused me to long for...........the '80's. I was the shit in the '80's. I kicked ass in the '80's! My oldest boy is taking driver's ed this year. He's basically where I was in the '80's. I had SO much fun!!! Yes!!! Everybody has thier time..........the '80's kicked ass!!

    Thank you.

    ok so i was only a wee sprog in the 80's but i'm still savvy enough to realise the 80's suck! worst decade of the 20th. (well, maybe if you were to take the late 30s and early 40s, that might be worse, but not by much).
  3. Sorry Dig...........guess ya had to be there! It was the age.....I was a kid.
  4. When I think of the 80s I think of disco and cocaine. Neither of which I want anything to do with.. And all the music then sucked..
    I think if I had been around 20 during the 80's I would've been in a band or a rapper or something. Doin somethin along the lines of Korn's music. :D And hookin up with Nine Inch Nails.
  5. i managed to live thru the 80's it took all of the 90's to restore my hair.
    i loved mash....... had a little crush on radar
  6. The only good thing that came out of the eighties was some of the music. But the clothes and the cars and the hair can suck it.
  7. Anybody have any feathered roach clips they are very 80s!
  8. they are giving away those feathered roach clips again as prizes at carnivals.........i think im going to get some.rat my hair all out and clip them all over my clothes...i do these things to amuse myself. and humiliate the people im with
    cant forget the way black eyeliner
  9. the 80's I can remember wearing pastel Miami Vice jackets with a tee-shirt underneath, rat tail growing out the back of my head, the special electric razor that kept a 3 day growth of stubble on my face, blond patches of hair in my head just like Duran Duran, and thinking Ronald Reagan was the greatest president the world has ever seen. Oh wern't they the good old days.

  10. pierce,hunnycut and trapper john,md (but i think he died in one episode) radar was the only one i thought i could spell correctly.

  11. damn right.

    damn right.
    (oh... and me! I came outta the 80s! lol.)

    yo' scaring me with that mental image of you now. ... very scared indeed.
  12. radar was the little dude with the glasses and teddy bear ..clinger was the crossdresser......
    uuuumdam cant remember the rev. but he was hot

    then there was that guy who dated 'hotlips" ooooh what was his name

  13. How about Jam shorts, the original Micheal Jordan Nikes, working for $1 an hour on a farm in the summer and then going to work in a factory making $3.35/hour and thinking you are rich, getting drunk at $.25 beer night at the underage tavern, oh this list could go on and on................

    and every girl I dated looked like Pat Benatar in elf boots, now that is a scary image indeed.
  14. I pierced my ears - 5 times on one side, 6 on the other. I was wearin' tight ass Levi's, usually full of holes, Nikes, usually some kind of Harley t-shirt. Bandanas everywhere. I remember a shirt I had with somethin about pot on it I wore to school all the time. I listened to Judas Priest, ACDC,Alice Cooper, Motley Crue......OZZY, Iron Maiden. My walls were covered with posters. I had a beer tab chain hangin on my ceiling that had to be two blocks long. I remember MASH and Happy Days. Also Dallas and The Dukes of Hazard and the shuttle explosion. The Bears were the shit in football - "Refrigerator Perry".

    OK I'll stop.
  15. sometimes we cant believe everything we see on t.v.
    the "hippies" didnt always have it as easy as it seemed.and many were looked down upon, might be why they communed together. equal rights were not always so equal
  16. hot lips and frank burns ok im done...:D
  17. "don't you ever diss the *time*, maaaan..." :D

    iron maiden quite blatantly ruled big ;)
  18. i aint dissin' the time......just the movie :D

    it just wasnt the same

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