you'll never guess what i just found!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. My old gameboy and the original super mario!!! YEY

    im gonna get blazed and have a play lol
  2. My roommate and I hooked up the old SNES and have been playing Super Mario all day, remembering all the keys and keyholes and secret exits is really amazing since it's been so many years.
  3. Yo btothejay whatup.

    I got out my SNES and played tecmo superbowl while ripped. I didn't get as far as playing a game because I was laughing so hard at the horrible graphics.
  4. ive been downloading all my the SNES games, too

    hey you two its a cheaptalk reunion!
  5. *sniff* It's like a high school reunion, but with people you'd want to see.
  6. yep. i played some tom and jerry on snes yesterday at a friends house.
  7. It's all about Uniracers or whatever its called, and you all know it.
  8. haha yeah i love old video games...they seem so much better than newer ones...

    Whenever im high i always play mariokart 64. That game kicks so much ass. That and donkey kong country for the snes.
  9. as a gamer i have a small selection of consoles, nes and snes are very hard to find however i do have a mega-drive I and II. They're awesome.
  10. Ya know what else is fun, Virtual Boy. It gives you a hell of a headache, but it's 3 frickin D!
  11. Street fighter is an extremely fun extremely old school SNES game to play blazed against your stoner friends!:D
  12. my and my mate completed street fighter 1 and two stoned stright away, when it took ages when it was new, we also completed a game we couldnt before, but its cos there simple and new games are so much aharder old ones use half the skills new ones do meaning there done simpley

  13. Fuck yea man, I bet we're the only two here that know about that game. Good shit!

    Today we played about 4-5 hours of Mario Kart for Gamecube...lots of time on our hands...

  14. omg, megadrives?!?! for the second time i must worship you as a god

  15. Great idea, but it does indeed hurt.
  16. lol cool, I found a gameboy+game in the trunk of my car last summer.... didn't know who's it was, so it became mine instantly :D

  17. lol. did u have them then? they definatly ruled.
  18. Uniracers was a good game. I haven't played a Gamecube and the newest console I own is an N64 :p ...Old SNES games were more fun, because now every single new type of game ends up having 50+ games come out trying to be just like it! I miss the old days... :(

  19. That is a good thing. Gamecube sucks. I traded in my playstation1 and 50 dollars for a new gamecube. It has now been sitting in my closet for months because I have a PS2.

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