...you would think a school would think harder....

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  1. The school that in going to is building a new building. they have a sign by the construction site that says "420-seat auditorium...."...why the fuck would they build a 420 seat auditorium if your not supposed to smoke in it?...and the contractor had to be stoned when they were making the blueprint and why didn't anyone else say "yo, maybe 420 seats may be a beacon to stoners. why not add 30 seats or take 20 off?"...ill try and take a picture tomarrow or something...
  2. so it has a sign outside that says 420 on it?
  3. Yea cuz everytime I see 420 on a building I'm like "Hey! They need to change that!"
  4. ...did i say that?...i just think its funny a really strict school would have 420 on it....if i was the dean and i was a pot-nazi i wouldnt want a KNOW POT TERM on the side of my school...i just wanted to point out the irony
  5. [​IMG]

    hahaha I giggle everytime I see "420" somewhere. I bought a pack of cigs once and I just happened to be half baked and the total was $4.20. Both the cashier and I giggled.
  6. thank you....i find it funny seeing 420 anywere too. i saw the 420th locker in my brothers school on open house and i giggled and i was playing cod4 with him and "420" pops up alot in that game(points,how much ammo u got left....)and i giggled.....

    its like a perfect inside joke that is between u and the magial number :D
  7. what school do you go to? my old school i know is getting a new building lol

    but yeah i love seeing 420 in places, it feels like im the only person that notices haha
  8. omg that picture is so fucking funny! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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