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Discussion in 'General' started by bizzletwister10, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. My local head shop just got this stuff that is made to flavor weed. It comes in like an eyedropper and they had like 30 different flavors, all fire. I got chronic hypnoic, and I put it on every blunt I roll. It's the shit, 3 doll hairs a bottle
  2. tasty puff?
  3. Yeah I've seen that stuff, you can really taste it?
  4. yeah tasty puff. It smells and taiste great. I sound like I'm making a comercial or something, but it really is pretty bad ass
  5. I personally prefer the taste of sweet ganja, especially if it's in a nicely rolled honey dutch,
  6. Natural taste for me too. I would try it though, You made it sound so good. I'll buy it! ha ha
  7. I don't want to mess with the already perfect taste of sweet Mary Jane.

    But congratulations on finding something you like. :)
  8. Hahahaha. I LOL'd, never seen that before.

    One other thing people before you knock it. I'm all about the natural taste too, but if you're smoking on the down low somewhere, it changes the smell of the smoke a fair amount too.

  9. that's what i was thinking

    cool for cigs, but for weed it's bleh
  10. For real...

    What does it do to the smell?

    I have heard that the smell of the flavoring covers up the weed smoke. Which could be quite useful.
  11. Yeah man. Like I posted before, if you're smoking somewhere discreetly, like in a dorm room or in your house with your parents home or something, it won't mask the skunkiness completely but it makes excuses like burning incense or eating fresh fruit a lot more believable.
  12. Ah, sweet I missed that. Im going to have to try this out.

    3.50 to get high on the run ain't bad.
  13. Exactly dude.

    I wasn't a big fan of smoking in my dorm room, I'd rather just step outside with a J, but other kids on my hall with expensive bongs they wanted to use used the shit like every day.
  14. drip it into bong water, trust me :D

  15. does that taste pretty good?

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