You will all +rep me for this awesome pictar!

Discussion in 'General' started by DCrist721, May 29, 2006.

  1. Wow....

    You're lucky im so drunk.

    I wasnt going to +Rep you cuz you said i would.

    Then i seen the pic and was like wow trippy, But i wont +Rep him still.

    Then is started moving (I hope it did, i hope i aient that fucked up. I drank 2 40's of king cobra, 2 beers of busch, and over a pint of whiskey and only 1 hit of weed. Im gettin drunk as fuck before i smoke tonight.

    But it started moving, I think, And i go tto +Rep you. This my new wallpaper. Fuckin awesone.
  2. that is pretty damn sweet, and in a normal circumstance i would +rep this kind of find

    but i do not like people telling me when i would rep or no rep for you :)
  3. yeahh man, the city is'nt all about rep ya' know...
  4. It's jus so trippy.

    So +Rep him.

    Im so drunk, Its amazing.

    Jus high, I wouldnt +Rep him.

    BUt how drunk i am, And high, Its extremley trippy and enchaces my buzz, Or really my trip. Im trippin hard from the mixture of drugs. I dont need shrooms anymoe. Thid works.
  5. i am drunk(well getting their) and it isnt that amazing to me. granted its cool as hell

    ah fuck it, KSR talked me into it, + rep damnit
  6. ehh, w/e its kind of, i guess you would call it an "inside joke" at a gaming forum I frequent
  7. Looks like he's throwin' up a gang sign of some-sort. Dynasty!
  8. i hate getting told an inside joke that i am in no part, apart offense towards you tho
  9. Someone in the rep comment asked if I had more, but I couldnt really find anything esle. I did find these optical allusions that are fun stoned or sober though. A couple are lame but theres some really weird ones that you will doubt whether or not your sober

    EDIT: To Tokin: Yeah it wasnt meant as a joke here though, I'm just used to it is all.
  10. He lookes like he throiwn up some 5 point shit.

    Now i dont like this picture.

    Fuckin bullshit.
  11. :laughing: i think you should lay off the alcy KSR
  12. Naa, Im straight. ;) :p :rolleyes: :cool:
  13. ive seen that before, and you know i cant be told what to do, silly christ. i mean dcrist.
  14. yeah should have just titled it sick picture or somthing, it is trippy
  15. That's Luke Brown. I believe... he's great and has alot of trippy shit.
  16. Thats pretty fuckin sweet
  17. it's a nice picture, but requesting rep is a sure fire way to get no rep or get neg rep'd on the city.
  18. Neg rep me all you want, I don't even understand the point of it lol. I just figured by titling it something like that it would attract alot of attention, so everyone could enjoy it as I did when I first discovered it.

    Also, like as said previously, it was kind of a thing on this gaming forum I go to.

    And this is in no way me just mumbling to bump the topic :smoking:

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