You Wanna See Some Pwnage?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chronicman00, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. This guy gets owned hardcore.
    She must be on her period.

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    <font size=1>Judge Milian Tears Dude A New Asshole - Watch more free videos</font>
  2. ha, total PWNAGE... i wish she woulda been all like "huh ya gonna cry, huh, just wanna break down and cry.... little bitch, huh go on just cry" and he's all like:( . and id b all like:hello: but she would still be all:devious: .... im sorry im being too random and i tend to go on and on...
  3. $450........

    And court costs

  4. Yeah, and all because its "that time of the month"
  5. hahaha when she leaves the room the guy in the back is like "....OOOOOO" hahaha
  6. When he said "well that's your opinion" you can tell she wasn't THAT upset about it but when the people started going, "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" like he just insulted her thhhen she got all pissy.
  7. I noticed that too.
  8. Just goes to show she's a weak minded ho who's actions in life are heavily influenced by other people's actions or opinions. :) That's my assesment anyway. She also doesn't know when to shut her mouth. She's yapping away at this guy for disrespecting her when all he said was, "well that's your opinion". The way she treated him was far worse in my opinion. She called him an embaressment to law.
  9. " ..'Cause, you don't have it in you![to be a lawyer]"

    Him: :(

    I would of said "my mommy told me i could be whatever i wanted to be!"


    then again i wouldn't be in that situation.
  10. she's badass. and the guy fucking got violated hah
  11. haha agreed
  12. lol i wouldve been laughing at the judge to really work her wagon, almost looked like the bloke was ready to cry as hard as the judge at the end.
  13. Lol the dudes a bitch I bet it took everything in him not to cry.
  14. lol no kidding hahaha you can see it in his face xD
  15. Lol the chick in the back trying not to laugh makes it that much better.hahaha
    Shit if we think this is bad imagine what her husband has to go through. I bet after weeks of that shit i'd cry.
  16. he looks like Spencer on The Hills
  17. I doubt it. He's looking at her like an she's an idiot.
  18. Lol I thought thats how she was looking at him.
  19. Talk about being unproffesional. He didn't even provoke that.
  20. damn that is total pwnage.. if i dont say so myself

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