You wanna make me legal to toke?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Capeli, Apr 17, 2002.

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  1. I am being tested for carpal tunnel on thursday because my hand have been cramping and my fingers going numb and on friday i have an appointment with this doctor who is known for prescribing marijuana. so now I am thinking, wow they might say \"hey you can smoke legally\", i just wanted to share. I mean hey there is some progress being made.

  2. good luck buddy!
  3. good luck with your appointment, what state are you in? if not in california, what are the laws like for medical there? i ask because my bf is a medical patient in california and we\'re hoping that other states are becoming as liberal in this issue as california is. hopefully your doctor will agree, hell it sure beats eating painkillers that will tear your stomach/liver/kidneys apart. is he reccomending surgery for your carpal tunnel? just curious ~~
  4. I just recently had bi-lateral(both hands)surgery done for carpal tunnel. He is probably going to suggest a brace first and if that doesn\'t work then next he might go with cortisone shots. I don\'t think he\'s gonna pull out a pad right away and say here go get yourself stoned. But I always say never give up on a dream:) good luck Peace Out...Crocodile
  5. A brace was suggested but carpal tunnel was declared which in oregon qualifies for medicinal marijuana due to sever pain. Legallity is nice. =)

  6. For carpel tunnel, try magnetic bracelets or magnetic wrist wraps. I know lots of peope this has helped. For everything else, try cannabis. Works every time!!
  7. whut you just said patriot reminded me of something in that simpsons episode where homer was a medical marijuana patient and he said i did it all with yes-i-canabis! well get better using yes-i-canabis!

    the image means im hungry....i wonder why???
  8. Hey Man, good luck hope everything pans out. For all the \"old school smokers\" We keepin our hope up for ya dog.
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