you wanna know whats REALLY addicting?

Discussion in 'General' started by iceAgecoming, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. sunflower seeds.

    you cant just have 2.
  2. when you say sunflower seeds you mean pistachios right? haha that shit is crack

  3. I know! Sometimes during the summer when I'm bored I will bring out a handful of sunflower seeds and eat them, I will feel like more. Then I end up bringing out the whole bag and just sitting there and eating them.
  4. no man, im takling about frito lay sunflowr seeds.

  5. ***** knew JUST what i was thinkin comin in herre.

    fuckin LOVE them little shits.
  6. exactly
  7. no, those ruffles sourcream and cheese chips are addicting. serisouly my dads an addict. he brings home a bag everyday, eats a bag at work, eats those lil bags while driving, has a few backup bags in the trunk. they definatly put some kinda nicotine in those things

    same thing with good and u ever eat those high? fuckin fireworks in your mouth

  8. Haha. I will end up going through half a bag without even noticing it. :D
  9. i'm addicted to hot wings, that's just as important to me as weed. i try the hot wings first whenever i go to a new restaurant and i base how much i like the restaurant almost solely on that.
  10. lol no man im talkin bout pistachios lol

    shit ur an addict too? lol
  11. what? dont try to change the topic,

    this is a dediaction to the seeds.

  12. how did hot wings get into this?
  13. Well making the title you did, is like offering people to come in and tell you what THEY think is addicting.
  14. true.

    i should of put , Here is what is addicting THE END

  15. Now you know, for future reference.
  16. wow these are so addicting.

    its like they fit 20 spoons of salt into one seed , becasue you want another one. Its the modern day crack
  17. crack rocks

    i dare u to just have one

  18. lmao ha my bad...yea used to eat sunflower seeds back in my lil league days.

    I abused sunflower seeds to dull the pain of striking out in front of my dad all the time.
  19. Food is the most addicting drug ever. Think about it. You quit drugs your bound to start binge eating. Anyone who does or doesn't do drugs in America has a huge attraction to food. Food has shit in it like MSG to make it addicting. This is all my opinion and i'm going to stop here
  20. as great as sunflower seeds are this thread is gonna go nowhere if we dont diverge on to other addicting edibles. But i acknowledge the addictive greatness of sunflower seeds.

    Oreos are addicting as fuck. i can go through a box in minutes. Glass of milk and box of oreos, shit so good.

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