You to should use azomite!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bennyweed, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I totally get not wanting to waste money effort etc and it's good to be skeptical of things especially if they sound too good to be true. Your points are valid.

    The aluminum related to memory problems etc. is in the oxide form. It's a different form.

    It's so cheap for a small amount of say a pound, actually "dirt cheap" ;) I would highly recommend being open to at least one experiment with any patch of dirt with some life. My "money tree" plant wilted and lost all leaves last week. A tsp of Azomite and 2 days later it grew 5 full leaves twice as big as the ones that fell off like WTF is that magic? Lol just to even see what it's about maybe you try it on a house plant, anything. I mean everything I put it on loves it! My non fruiting ornamental Olive tree started FRUITING after I put it on it one time! A buddy had outdoor canna grow get burnt due to missed watering in heat wave and it was on its way out. Azomite saved it from the grave and grew 4 inches in 3 days on a 2.5ft plant! It increases agricultural crop yields up to ~30% in cases of very poor soil and potatoes. It causes trees that have stopped fruiting due to bad soil nutrient levels to fruit again and in larger than previously fruiting amounts.

    Crazy too is the amount you use. 1 Tbsp./ Gallon of soil. That's it for 4 months. You could use it once mixed in your soil before you plant and you'd only use like $10 for a medium large grow. In bulk $40 for $40 at a dollar a pound you could do it as a soil mix amendment for next to nothing compared to the cost of your soil and other ingredients. npk is 0-0-0.2

    I really don't know what to say. I'm really excited at the prospect of another human trying this weird volcanic rock dust on soil and becoming conscious of a new thing I think is so cool. I hope you try it with any plant and have fun seeing the results
  2. I have some transplanted clones that are displaying minor signs of shock (drooping) from transplant and I've dusted the top of the soil with Azomite and lightly misted it to get it started into the soil and do it's thing. In an excited rush to get purchased clones into potted soil, I forgot to mix it into my small pot soil. I'll write up some results if it does anything. From transplant, 1 plant displayed no shock, 3 did and 1 did lightly
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    I used it for years from the time I started making supersoil until I realized I was just following the crowd. I wish I could get all of it up that I dumped on my orchard. Anything azomite does, I believe rice hull, gypsum, fish and kelp do better.
  4. I've heard of people mixing it with water, letting the dirt settle for a while, pouring off the top now mineral rich water and adding it to hydro water pH adjusted. I don't know a dosage or the results
  5. Oh. Nice. I've never used it long term or large scale. Just here and there once in a blue moon. Why do you wish you could remove it? Anything bad happen??
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    Why do I want all this in my soil?


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