You to should use azomite!

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  1. Hey people I'm just dropping in to leak some intel on a AWESOME product called Azomite. I have been using it for about 2 years now and I use it for every application of growing. Its a white powder derived from a volcanic rock in Utah, Azomite has 67 major and trace elements and is completely organic!! I sprinkle a little on top of seeds im germinating in paper towel and in 24 hours or less I have a tap root .5 inch long. I mix it into soil and get a plant 10inches taller then a plant with out Azomite. This stuff is gold!!! Use it with some warm casting and bat guano and you have the power in your hands. :D I'm just letting everyone know because who doesnt like extra grams of smoke for the same amount of work?

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  2. Is this right? Ive never heard of a 5 inch tap root and not in 24 hours! Do you live in Utah, near a volcano and sell it by any chance?
  3. He said .5 of an inch, which is only a half inch tap root, not uncommon.

    The site says that plants will benefit from the trace minerals found in Azomite. The nutes that I use already have these trace minerals so it seems like a waste to me.

  4. On your grow journal it says that you're just starting out your second grow after a failed first. How do you know azomite is worth applying?
  5. I actually did not use it during my previous grow because I was trying LED lighting only and wanted to see the effect it would have on a plant with out other stimulus. Trust me, it in not expensive and worth your money.
  6. What about Greensand + a silica additive? Would that not be just as effective?
  7. This stuff is the real deal people. I have been using it with great success on my garden . Green sand is great for your soil as well and I use it too along with humic acid and fulvic acid and cow poop tea. Green sand has some of the great minerals in it with a lot of potassium and it loosens up the soil. Azomite has more trace minerals and you only need 1-2 pounds per 100 sq ft area. = a better deal than green sand. Don't doubt it till you try it !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. these guys are full of shit...all have 1 post..i hate to be that guy to call you guys out
  9. ok mr 5 posts
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    Azomite and rock phosphate are key elements to an effective soil blend in organic growing.....
    Don't know about the silica but, the greensand takes a longer time to break down in the soil.
    Azomite will start working faster and probably better for shorter grows..
  11. Hey just because some of us dont post a lot doesnt mean we are hear spreading bull shit. The stuff is gold and if you dont wanna try it then dont.. Your loss..
  12. Hahahaha. You guys are so funny. Only someone who has a 1000 posts can tell you how to grow pot. Its a prerequisite, didn't you read it in the rules regarding forum posts? It's clear as crystal. Section 1, article 7 states "If you don't have 1000 posts on this site you're a fucking idiot".
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  13. Ya Azomite, or rock phosphate is something you need for microbial activity. I know of no one growing organically that would not include it in their mix...
  14. lol....And then theirs the lawsuit for being a helpful person......:D
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    Wow this is amazing. I started this thread 4 years ago! Its like going back in time reading it! HAHAHA and now I have 441 post....still not a 1000 LOL!

    I still use azomite and still love the living dog shit out of it. Though I have learned a large sum of information regarding organic gardening, I still consider Azomite a staple in my organic soil mixes.
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  16. That's uncalled for. Your 1700 postcount doesn't make you a somebody or a master grower so how about you turn it down a notch?

    Azomite and Greensand are both great organic amendments!

  17. Hey man you should check out the date on the post you quoted. lol.

  18. some people only post important information rarely... while others post uninhibited hate post after hate post after hate post after hate post after hate post..... until u think they are a "pro" lol.
  19. Azomite is an essential component of Subcools water only supersoil.
    Sub knows how to grow pot. And probably has 0 posts on this forum.
  20. I'm a noob grower and I used it for my first grow and got 11.7 oz from 3 plants
    1 pink plant,1 monster plant,and 1 pineapple chunk using leds.
    I also used ff trio of nutrients and some big bud,along with 4 doses of wormcasting tea throughout the grow.
    my point is I looked at all the benefits of azomite and considering it was $6.00 plus shipping I figured what the hell, I love GC but I 've noticed that they sure have alot of negative ppl that just ruin a good informative thread,I thought we came here to learn how to do this better.

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