You think you're witty? I need your help!!

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. What're some funny things to say to someone that's 20th birthday is today about still not being 21 and able to come out drinking with us?
  2. We're drunk, you're DD. Happy birthday!

  3. Your not 21, faggot.

  4. That's not witty.. That's offensive.
  5. Guess who's the designated birthday driver!? :cool:
  6. Come out and drink, no-one cares.
  7. Enjoy it while it lasts; next year, you're gonna owe me a loooooot of DD'n.
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    you should take the kid out to eat for his birthday and when he sits down be like...this is the adult table man, kids tables over there!

  9. Or take his ass there, and be like you got your ID?
  10. on the brink but cant drink

    thats all i got. i stole that from the local strip club.
  11. welcome to the longest year of your natural born life.
  12. Just take him out and get him hammered by ordering drinks for him. It's his birthday mang.
  13. Try again next yearrr
  14. Happy birthday...we're going to the bar to celebrate. We'll see you at 2:00am
  15. Get him a stripper to spank him 20 times.
  16. Take him to Chuck E Cheese

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