You think YOUR set up is big.......?

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  1. Sorry, just tested that link and it doesn't seem to work. If anyone goes onto the BBC website and looks under UK news for the story could you post a working link as it's worth seeing and I obviously have the computer skills of a bag of blind squirrels.
  2. The very end of that voids and negates any of those people could say

    "The Reason we're wearing these gloves... is so the drug is not absorbed into our skin."
  3. what I find interesting is that they said 7 people were running it....the odds were against them right there...

    right off the bat, they had like a 70% chance of getting caught, and that's with out them telling anyone else.
  4. pity they don't let us post comments on the article. My question is do they achieve by busting it? ..if anything it'll make the market more competitive which will increase violence, not decrease it

    they'd do better by legalizing marijuana and allowing honest businessmen to set up grow ops. That'd force out the illegal suppliers and totally remove violence from the market (just like in the alcohol and tobacco markets today)

    This is an example of a legal grow, pretty eh? ;)


  5. HAHAHAHAHA OH man thats absolutely what I loved about that vid too. And all the people bagging it are wearing masks too. What a joke! I can't people how ignorant some people still are....

  6. that greenhouse gives me more of an orgasm then that jessica alba would , and shes pretty sexy too haha. how many plants is that , and how much did it cost to build that whole setup?
  7. haha thats crazy if u watch the second video after that first one ends theeres a 70yr old or soo old man and he says "...and they that crime dosent pay!?...3 million pounds!? thats like 1000 pounds a plant..." :smoke: funny old foggie hes gonna be the next busted grower lol

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