You Think You Are Good At Sex?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Foreign Apples, May 10, 2011.

  1. You think so??
    Well then, list some reasons.
  2. My girl never leaves unsatisfied.
  3. i have been told by multiple partners that it was the best ever, but either stoners get told this more often, or it seems as though a lotta girls say this?? i dono, but i see that a lotta people seem to get told this on the forums as well?? maybe i just think so, i dono im high : P

    not being cocky, but i feel like i always do a pretty damn good job.
  4. I personally wud like to answer this question because YES; this is why:
    - i yell YA YA YA
    - i leave a naughty kitty down there
    - i can be finished in under two minutes
    - i lick the nipples in a clockwise rotation
    - i specilize in goats and
  5. if u dunno...then why answer..? XD
  6. I'm good at sex because I always orgasm. ALWAYS!
  7. I'm good at sex because the key is attraction. Girls are attracted to me, simple as that.
  8. Man, the male ego in this thread is off the heezy.
  9. i suck at sex, I finish in like 10 minutes, but I make sure I eat the girl out first ALWAYS to get her off, then shes not disappointed.. Just because you've got a big dick doesn't mean the world.. =( I really don't understand it though I can get a blowjob for fucking hours.. *shrug*
  10. Because this thread is about male ego.
  11. I suppose it is.
  12. cause what im saying i dont know does not effect my answer of yes :)
  13. well if u look like ur picture..then yes. sexi sexi
  14. the first time i had sex with my current gf she couldnt stand after and her legs were shaking
  15. Most guys will say yes, but if you don't have a reason why, you are probably full of shit.

    You want a reason? Here is a good one. Care. Care if the other person enjoys it. Also, learn a thing or two. Don't just assume you are casanova because you can get a girl off. That doesn't make you anything special. AT ALL.

    For instance I'd recommend to any guy to look up "seymour butts guide to eating pussy" or something like that. Its easy to find online free. That porn star guy took two bi sexual female porn stars and got them to do a 30+ minute instructional video about how to eat pussy. Unless you have a pussy, and have had as much sex as a bisexual porn star then they probably know a thing or two you can learn from.

    I'll admit I'd have never learned some of my best techniques without that video. Before I would eat pussy like everyone else. Now they all ask "where did you learn that?"

    Only thing afterwards they assume you ate out about 5000 girls to get that good at it. Its kinda embarrassing to say "Oh no, no sweetie. I learned from an instructional video. Not creepy at all".
  16. i suggest you all go to and watch how to make a girl squirt.. whaat:D
  17. My hand never complains

  18. lmfaooooo miss michigan is all you need
  19. would it be so hard to accept that perhaps stoners are more generous lovers and try harder/are more passionate? Never had sex (prob shouldnt even be talkign in this thread then huh?:p...)

    BUT I HAVE fucked around a fair amount in everything else. Idk why...its just hasnt happened for me yet.

    But I do notice that...well...I do a good job. Last time I woke up to claw marks on my shoulder and bite marks and shit...and had a headache from my hair being pulled..

    idk, we just please more :p. I blame mary jane ;)
  20. Wish I could put it in my resume. Matter of fact, I thin I just might put it on there anyways!

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