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you think im okay?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by One_Love_Herb, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. okay ik theres a drug test thread but i just wanted a quick reply.

    i recently got hired for a job and i think i will have to take a drug test next week.

    before this i was on a long t break (probation sucks :() but last 2 sundays ago i smoked for the first time not realizing i would have a drug test. i probably only smoked a gram though. it didnt take much to get me buzzin since it had been like 5 weeks before that since i last smoked. also i workout 5 days a week, body fat around 8%.

    so what im wondering is do you think ill pass my drug test or should i start diluting?

    this sunday will be 2 weeks since i did it, and im guessing ill have the test next week then.

    any advice?
  2. Nobody can guarantee that you will pass. But if you don't smoke again then I'm going go say you have a really good chance of passing the test.
  3. I agree, you should be able to pass if you don't smoke again.
  4. naw broski
  5. okay here it is plain in simple... there are several factors.

    how often you smoke
    how fat you are
    how much work you put in on flushing your system/cheating the test

    I have past a test after being stoned out of my mind two days beforehand

    Basically, the more you smoke the more THC you are going to have in your body, I think? confirm?

    Secondly THC is fat soluble, thus it is stored in fat molecules in your body. The skinnier you are the less likely you will fail a drug test

    Lastly, the day of there are things you can do to prepare. There's a bunch of shit you can read on it. Basically drink a lot of water and then take a lot of vitamin B? confirm again. supplements to make sure your pee is at least yellow or they might make you retake the test. also I have heard the AZO Cranberry stuff can help you pass the test.

    I am really just talking on minimal knowledge but honestly I think you are fine
  6. thanks for the replies guys.

    i think ill just start diluting just to make sure.

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