You think Ill pass this drug test?

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  1. Alright so I basically took a 2.5 year break from smoking and started up again about a month ago. For roughly a month I smoked a g or less a day. As of now I havent smoked in a week and have 1 more week until the test (pre-employment). Im about 170lbs and pretty lean. Fun fact: I am an amerature mma fighter and have a fight in 3 weeks so I have already been working out daily, drinking roughly a gallon a day and dieting to make my weight class. I figure if I keep this up and drink a detox (i got the qcarbo16) 2 days before the test then I should be in the clear. Id probably stop working out a day or 2 before the test. You think ill pass? Dont want to stress about it too much so your opinion would be much appreciated.
  2. It's person to person. No one person can guarantee their answer with any certainty.

    My own experience?
    Pre-employment piss/medical test. - Pissed clean within 20 days...not that I was a heavy user at the time, just nightly use plus some edibles.
    Complete stop.
    In the first 2 days I drank a litre of cranberry juice per day.
    Then every day, there wasn't a moment I wasn't drinking water. Literally I'd say 3-4 litres a day...I was pissing like 12-15 times a day...very annoying...but just kept drinking.
    I actually lost a bit of weight due to no munchies happening.
    Additional factor - I was attending gym 3 times a week maybe an hour and a half each time;
    70/30 cardio/strength training.

    The ironic thing?
    When I went into the medical facility, I had to fill out a form.
    There was questions about drug and alcohol use/declarations.
    I thought "Fuck, I'm not gonna be caught lying..." so I actually ticked "other" and
    filled in "occasional marijuana use".
    So...not sure if they'd have gone back to the job with that info or not...but I pissed clean anyways, and I got the job, where I wasted two years of my life.

    So yeah look different shit can happen to anyone. Just do what you can.
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  3. Home THC tests are cheap. I suggest testing yourself before the official test and if you fail you can sub. I wouldn't test without knowing your status first. I do think you have a chance but it could go either way.
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  4. Yeah i might get a home test. My coach says he thinks ill pass so thats positive.
  5. No, not in 2 weeks.
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  6. Any reason you think that? I mean ive heard of people passing under worse circumstances. All I ever drink is water and workout more than probably 80% of people. I mean if I have to dilute the day of and use b vitamines, salt, etc i will but from what ive read i feel reasonably safe. The worry just lingers in the back of my mind.

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