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you think ciggs will cover up the smell of skunky weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dank spanko, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Been smoking low mids at my moms to avoid problems. and Its working since the smell is so subtle and covers up easily with cigg smoke. I'm aloud to smoke ciggs in the basement but not weed obviously. The smell of proper dank will set off a red flag. I can't go outside because its snowing here in Ohio and it would be suspicious since I have no reason to be out there.
    should I just stick to mids or just not smoke at all?
    would proper skunky weed be covered up by ciggs?
    ozium is suspicious too because it seems like I'm trying to hide something .
    I'm worried about bringing any sort of dank in the house.
    it's just weed is such a useful tool for getting a different perspective on life.

  2. Dank will smell through cigs.
  3. Not really the answer to your question but I remember getting tired of sneaking around and I sat my mum down one day and discussed the issues she had with my smoking and I taught her a few things about the herb, dispelled a few myths, we compromised and now we can laugh about my smoking. The biggest thing for her was that I showed I could still function while high, and I made her laugh a lot. She realised I was still me and not some drugged up wacko.
  4. It'll smell like dank, with tobacco undertones.
  5. No, but burning flesh will.
  6. Lol bud doesn't even smell on a person. I hotbox with 2 blunts in a car of some fire and get out and can't smell anything on myself, and I can smoke one cigarette and have the smell of tobacco on my clothes fingers and breath.
  7. thanks for the input guys/gals
  8. yee i smoke 1 pack per bowl n' it neva smell like weed
  9. I hope you're joking
  10. Why don't you just smoke indoors but just put enough in the bowl so you can clear it...then put your head right out the window and exhale. If you take another deep breath of fresh air while your heads still outside and then breath out again this gets rid of any left over smoked still in there (if you never exhaled 100% the first time)
    Then put the bong/pipe away in a drawer and put the dank in a herb jar. Spray a little febreze and you're ok the only thing you need to worry about after that is your smoke smelling breath  
  11. I keep telling you guys.......

  12. Hell no it wont!!!
  13. Bro just take this Advice from personal experience, you won't get away with smoking dank inside most likely. Especially not with just trying to cover it with ciggs
  14. what i usually do is just hide it in a air tight container and when i smoke i just open up a window/door and blow it out there then after i just spray some stuff and it doesn't smell at all
  15. I'm assuming your Mom is a cigarette smoker as well? If so, she probably can't smell anything anyway....I'd say give up the cigs and go outdoors to smoke....and have a long and healthy life.... :wave: 
  16. well if u get the right kind of incense it may cover the smell
  17. I mean it can cover up the smell. Like when I after I smoke in my car I smoke two cigs right after and it covers it for the most part. But there's still that hint of bud smell. Of course smoking only one cig won't do much. So unfortunately to play it safe, I would just chain smoke a few cigs.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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