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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by unoit, May 17, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, what's wrong with this picture?

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  2. The door isn't locked?????? ;) Do I win?
  3. HIGH All, *LOL* that's 2 days in a row I'm tokeing and you make me lose it *LOL* But hey I'm toking lots left.

    And no sorry.

  4. My sole purpose in life is to make you lose it so, apparently, I'm doing a good job thus far. :p

    Good luck on figuring out the mystery, Blades! I went with the lock cause I figured he was being tricky. :)

  5. Because it's not my closet, that's what's wrong....LOL!

    Why is there a stem going down between the buckets to the floor?????

    Just wanted to say HIGH unoit!!!!

    Miss Ya'll!!!!!
  6. HIGH All, holy shit cowboysaxman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how have you been doing my friend? Miss you too of coarse..just not the same with you regulars gone most of the time.

    *LOL* no it's not a branch it's the air hose that goes to the pump....good eye my friend..but no that's not it.

    RMJL did you know those tokes I wasted were my wake and bake one's *LOL* Good Buzz Thanks.
  7. so why is one in a bubble bucket and the other not ???
  8. your plants look crowded, maybe that's why??? the big one looks droopy;)

  9. HIGH All, ah ha by jove (sp) I think he's got it...

    Edit: they are???? Wink Wink!!
  10. HIGH All, mmmm thought I'd have more takers...oh well.

    The plants came from the same Mother and they are the same age....yup same age....that's what happens when you don't transplant.
  11. Wait a minute, I'm confused...... One is in a dwc bucket and the others in soil, so basically what you're saying is that the soil one could be just as big as the dwc one if you would have transplanted?
  12. HIGH All, confused??? No you are absolutely correct shortyottomatix.

    It's what I'm saying Big Guy...maybe not as big, but yes bigger for sure...just showing how important transplanting is.
  13. Cool..... that little plant wouldn't happen to be the one you just transplanted in your other post would it?
  14. HIGH All, no that's a different one but same Mother and age as the others. I have 4 that I never got around to transplanting...too many clones and I love my Bubble Buckets. But the other 3 will be transplanted into 20L Buckets today....can't give them to anyone because no one has this strain around here and that's the way we like it.
  15. HI unoit

    have you put one clone in a BB and the other in soil?
    if you have how much is the differnce between them(size and bud harvest).

    laters jay
  16. Hi unoit

    sorry 1 more Q and that is how did you com by this strain of mj......


  17. HIGH All, yes and of coarse the BB's win...been home All day and playing in the veg garden most of that time....takes mmm at least a beer a transplant..make cents?

    I'll find a link for you...done the organic..Hydro..side by side...da..da..but...right now my friends it's a no's hard doing what I'm doing right now...take no offence I'll find and show you what you ask for.

    Edit: mmm the strain came FAFOAF and then we acquired it. From what we know no other on the Island is growing this.
  18. HI unoit

    thanks for the reply.......ill be waiting for the link......

    AH as i thought you just came across this it wasnt bought from a seed bank! im not wasting my time looking for a good strains in my bag seeds SWEEEEET.

    you have fun in your garden and ill join you in a few hrs for a beer.............

    laters jay
  19. HIGH All, phuck it...let's have one now..I'm on a roll..roll..roll..a..joint..*LOL* Bestest place ever!!!! Yes links!! Remember links,,
  20. :)......LOL.....nice to see your having a good one unoit...................if you forget the link ill give you a nudge;).....laters jay....

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