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You tell me, because I don't have the anwser

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WingNut19, May 1, 2006.

  1. So the creepiest things things have been happening to me over the past couple days.

    I had just gotten back from a week long cruise on Spring Break and of course the ENTIRE week was spent drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking some more while sleeping 4 hours or so a night, sometimes less. Over this week I didn't smoke any pot at all so when I got back im craving some weed, so I listen to my conscience and toke an average size both of danks that i had left over from when I left. So after smoking this bowl I am going nuts, I can't remember to do anything that my friend was asking me to do.

    He would ask me to get up and hand him a bottle of water or something really simple and in a matter of 10 seconds I would COMPLETELY forget what I was supposed to be doing and he would have to remind me.

    I was tripping at times, seeing reallly scary faces and patterns in the walls and carpet

    But the most creepy effect I got was hearing voices in my head. Now when I say hearing voices I mean that these voices sounded so real that I was sure the person was standing right next to me and I would have to turn around and check.

    Now I don't have any idea why these effects took place, My only guess is lack of sleep and a lot of alcohol. But I assure you that I haven't exagerated one bit of this

    Whats your thoughts??
  2. Most likely you got some good, heady sativa...and with that break it really kicked it up a notch. BAM!

  3. haha, I guess that could be true. But I have taken month long tolerance breaks and when i came back, it was nothing close to what I experienced after this week. Its hard to describe in words what I felt like and what I heard and saw, it was ridiculous.
  4. I've actually had the same thing happen to me a few months back. I was with a buddy and I hadn't smoked in a long time. I took about 3 bowls to the head of some dank herbage, and was completely out of it.

    Almost like a low dose shroom trip.

    Never underestimate the power of weed. One minute your fine, the other you're off in a far away land...
  5. Sounds to me you just had a hella trip
  6. one of those times when you go to say something and cant remember if you said it or just thought it and have to ask someone.
  7. So have you guys ever had this happen to you?

    I wish it happend everytime... well except for the scary voices :eek:
  8. sometimes after a lot of binge drinking i have massive pot journeys.

    i think its cuz alcohol is a diuretic and cleans you out, so maybe your tolerance builds as your body is depleted of minerals.
  9. You just got really high cause you didnt blaze for a week, and the voices were probably your friends tripping you out :laughing:
  10. hahaha
  11. Thats happened to me before actually. The first time I tried bud ( I had just smoked low quality hash before then) I had like 3 bowls and I had only been smoking for a week or two, i went and got into bed and I could hear little bits of songs vibrating around my head and things and was just plainly spaced, don't think there is any other way to describe it. Lost of alcohol can reduce your tolerence to zero so the weed probably just hit you hard
  12. Not sure what this'll do, but try smoking a bowl or two, and turning your music down so that you can hear it, but not exactly what the lyrics are. You'll swear you're listening to Bob Marley or some other crazy shit when it'll really be like pink floyd, or even the backstreet boys lol.
  13. I hear voices sometimes when I'm very very high. But they're more like faint whispers in the distance, like someone is talking about me. It's annoying, but I'm familiar enough with it now so I just ignore it.

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