You talk , we listen, prelimanary result for the ultimate bong survey

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    Hi boys and girls,

    we have been working on a new bongline with Molino, we will soon present a new bong line, that will blow RooR of it socks!

    These bongs will be done in 40 and 50 cm. height and 5 and 7mm wall thickness. All with Adapter and 18.8 cut. No carbhole , with super cool deep sandblasted logo, wicked high quality feel.

    ice notches of course

    And last but not least, custom made bongs with your own text or logo applied (4 weeks delivery applies)

    So in the very soon future you will be able to have a 250 $ RooR (even better) quality 7mm , 50 cm heigh bong with your owl logo for around 150 USD ,

    check out thesample pictures, what colors do you like the most for the logo??

    I hope you like it


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  2. The black and red logos look pretty damn classy.
  3. whats up with this>

    is this the new gc lineup weve been discussing for weeks on threads?

    if so im not sure if i should be happy or not

    but ill always give something a chance before i put it down and you seem to be working youre way into better products
  4. 1. I dont like molino. Just my personal opinion

    2. WTF happened to the competition for the GC logo?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I definatly feel cheated and will NOT be purchasing any of these products.
  5. These look pretty good tbh. I voted on black, green or red; for me they're the classiest colours that don't detract from the quality look of the bong.

    I'm looking to pick up a new daily driver pretty soon, may have to look into these when they come out. Any ideas when that may be?
  6. cant wait my g/f is already excited for the pink one.

  7. the competition will get reviewed next week, don't worry bout it

  8. wheres the "GC" on them tubes? also, all the colors should be available. makes more options
  9. Red, black, blue (the first one), purple, in that order, IMO.
  10. I'm digging the green
  11. The logo is too big and gharish for my liking. One of the worst I've seen.

    Otherwise - black.
  12. Cool, in that case, green and blue are always awesome... wish there was orange....
  13. How about you get a lineup of colors? Making these customizable is key, since it has a standard 18.8 joint, one could get a sweet ashcatcher and downstem of their choice, and with say a 'custom' gold label in their own choice of sizing and font would be insane. If you guys have label designing technology, I know for a fact that it would be huge. Anyways I like the red, because if you had a matching red label on the downstems or whatever in a better font and text, those labels would look really nice, as well as the piece and the price.
  14. you will be able to upload your won label design and get a custom bong for 25 ud more

  15. This fucking sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to do this when I get the extra cash.
  16. Not to nit pick, but make the green more weed colored and you would be set.
  17. [​IMG]

    great addition and great idea
  18. I like the beaker bottom in the last pic, the one with the silver lettering and the blue mouth part. mainly because its a beaker bottom tho and thats what im looking for.
  19. Eh, I don't really like those to be honest. The green doesn't even look green, it looks teal. Honestly, the GC shop is sub-par. You guys need to get some better pieces. It great to see some Molino pieces, but the designs are ugly. Why not get more variety? Still have yet to see anything that makes me want to buy from the GC shop. Such a limited selection. I'll stick with EDIT for now.
  20. this looks perfect...except the sahpe i dont know.. im not a fan of bent necks, just a nice straight plain ole tube is sometimes the better :)

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