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  1. I just finally came out with it to my bro, that I smoked since I know he has drank before, but thought he was against weed, and he said "I knew I always smelled it in the room", to which I replied "damnit I'm pretty sure I had the window opened and the fan on", and I found out he smoked before, but doesn't find any benefits of it, so he doesn't do it anymore, but he has a shitload of friends that smoke and he said he will hook me up!:D

    so go on ahead and share your stories of family, friends or anyone in general who you completely didn't think smoked and you somehow found out and thought You Smoked?! :confused: :eek:
  2. I was oblivoous to weed until I went to college. When I came home my freshman year, I found out my dad smoked almost every day of my life! I can't smoke with him though because he won't allow it :( My mother once told him she would divorce him if she found out that he had smoked with me. I love my mom, but DAMN. A conversation needs to be had next time I visit. You wanna know the reasoning behind her saying that? I'll tell you anyway.

    He got her to smoke once when we went camping. I was young and asleep, and she ate an entire package of hot dogs.

    Yup, that's her reasoning. I love her, but I'll be damned if that's gonna stop me.
  3. Most entertaining thing I read all night. Lol

    Didn't start smoking till 5 years ago, when I was 18. Smoked with my friend I've known most ny life. Got so high I couldn't drive haha. Had no idea the kid smoked, and I was sorta against it in high school, but was getting curious at that point.

  4. My 2nd smoking adventure was with my best bud through high school. He started smoking during senior year though and I had noooo idea. :laughing: But when I came back after freshman year we lit up together every night; the first time though was seeing Alice in Wonderland. It was my 2nd time being high (first time I saw Avatar in 3D iMax :smoke:), and was amazing. He ended up teaching me self control while high.

    I need to visit him soon, I miss that guy.
  5. anyone else care to share?
  6. My cousins came into town from out of state that i never see, they're all a lot older than i am, (late 20's) i hadn't seen them since i was younger either.

    We got to talking while i was showing them my room, and i'm sure they saw my jimi hendrix poster, and my oldest cousin that's a girl asked " Do you smoke bud?? " i was pleasantly surprised and replied with "yeah, do you guys?" they told me they smoke all the time and later that evening we ended up going to my local movie theater to see the new toy story (which kinda sucked) but we got stoned before and i drove them there in my new car with the top down, so it was awesome.

    That's my story xD
  7. When I was in 9th grade I used to roll with this really stupid kid who always did dumb shit and brought attention to him..well we smoked in the movie theaters bathroom but I only ended up taking a few hits because I was so paranoid and scared to smoke in there.

  8. I used to hangout with a kid like that, that kid's going nowhere so i stopped hanging out with the guy.

    I can't be influenced by fools like that man.
  9. SUb for later

  10. Off topic: I've always wanted to see an iMax movie high, have never got the opportunity. How awesome is it?

    On topic: My co-worker, and now one of my best friends. He was hired like a month after me, and it took a few weeks to find out. The topic of us getting drug tested somehow came up, and I told him I was nervous as to if I was gonna pass or not. Turns out so was he haha.
  11. I played tennis in high school/toked after school. the tennis mvp being a stoner was quite a shock to some lol.
  12. My little brother found out I smoke when one day I was cleaning my bowl in my room..he comes running in and asks "What smells like weed??" I told him I was cleaning my bowl & showed it to him!

    I Found out my uncle smokes weed on Christmas day! I walked into his room and saw a sticker on his PC that had rasta colours on it and asked what the hell it was and he just replied "Oh, I buy my weed from those guys" he then invited me to smoke with him on the mountain sometime..
  13. thats actually pretty badass.

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