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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. if your yackin about mom flushing your toke,
    find a better place to hide your smoke
    or maybe you should move out
    but in "general" is where you should spout

    if your wondering how long to hold your hit
    the "rec room" is where you should ask it.

    if you'd like to know who's been stretching his cox
    ill know you'll find out in "pandoras box"

    if your query is how to roll a joint
    you'll find an answer in "recreation" much to the point

    if you know 47 ways to roll with a joker
    maybe you should then post in "seasond toker"

    if you have health questions, and you wanna
    you might ask in "medical marajuana"

    if serious discussion is your cup of tea
    you might want to post in "spirituality and philosophy"

    if you wanna tell about your favorite song
    the "music hall" is where that belongs

    if you come to understand the big issue
    "legalization and activism" is for you

    if you wanna give grasscity a pat back
    well, you can do that in "general feedback"

    if its your first trip to the city, say hi
    "introduce yourself" dont be shy

    if a green thumb is what you got
    theres a huge selection of information in the growing spot
  2. :hello: :hello: :hello: That was just really awesome. I would rep you but you know I have to spread it around! This deserves smoking a full bowl. :smoke:
  3. Ha, nice man. Kudos!
  4. hilarious dbw.
  5. Original thread at least.... +rep dude
  6. Awesome post! If only people followed this more often...

    ..anyways, smokin' a bowl to you! :D

  7. Higha, you ROCK!!! :D You always have, you always will! That's the best thing ever!
  8. cool. creative.
  9. awesome poem. about WEED. and grasscity. haha. ha.

    this should be a sticky. hahhaahha.
  10. When you post great threads on the net
    Then a handful of +rep is what you get :)
  11. +rep friggin awsome
  12. That was so creative, lol. How long did it take you to do that?
  13. haha awesome for sure
  14. sticky worth? perhaps. original? yes. should keep adding more? fo sho.
  15. + rep for adding it on 420.

  16. :) thank you.
    not as long as it takes to move around posts on most days

  17. LOL!!! :D

    It definitely takes a while to move posts around here.
  18. Awesome poem you got there man. Thought I may as well make my first post one complimenting another user lol. Its all about first impressions

  19. *bump*

    Threads are posted in the wrong forums daily...well, hourly...and moving them isn't as fun as you may think it is. :p
  20. Forgot something

    If ya smoked a fat blunt on the Gulf Coast,
    "Real life stories" is where ya should post.

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