you people!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. i just start to get to know u by your avatars, and u change them :p lol.

    just had to say it. hopefully others will fell the same or ill look even more of a fool,peace
  2. silent bob has come and gone.... but he shall return one day!
  3. The Ice Cream Man has been here since day one!..
  4. I'm sorry!! Really. I'll never do it again. Seriously. Please forgive me.

    Now I gotta go change my avatar!! LOL!!!
  5. I'm thinking about making a new one...I dunno, maybe.

    EDIT- I just did :D
  6. Ninja Boyee is badass hes always running like crazy!
  7. mines been here since day one

    and cowofsteel i miss silent bob already :( lol
  8. I like mine, its really trippy

    stare at it for awile

  9. i think that looks tastey
  10. i change mine every once and a while...... but it always comes back as the monkey.....

    idk, what it is about the lil guy...

  11. Awww...I miss it too...should I bring back the one I made, or the animated one Digit made? Hmm...I think I'm gonna go with the animated one :D

    Maybe I'll add something to it
  12. I've had this since the beginning. It's pretty half assed though, it's just a scan from one of my Cryptopsy albums. Maybe someday I'll get round to doing something better...
  13. i may change my avatar to my own art ;)
  14. :)

    hempress.... some day i might make a better one for you since you are getting itchy about it. :D

    but i gotta make one for indiana toker first, and i got plans to do one for stylez and narmon too (he deserves a groovy animated one too).

    i changed mine a little while back after a spat of changing... i always thought that green one would always be me. ... getting itchy about mine again, wanna change.

  15. ooo..thanks Digit...take your time, it's worth it. I really liked how you changed the original from praying to's awesome:D


    -hempress :D
  16. well i dont have an avatar, so learn THAT!

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