You need to be responsible for your actions

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    I just would say suicide is an easy way out. Mind over Matter. your body was raped, are you going to allow that rapist to rape your mind to. rape it to death by suicide. its in Gods hands if another chooses to rape you. it is never your fault only the fault of the human condition. Teach not to rape, teach not to murder. teach it to children, teach your laws, makes the laws clearer, easier to understand for everybody.
  2. Even steezy don't like this shit.
  3. [quote name='"ete23"']This needs to be accurately translated for people who cant understand English language, not my responsibility, I leave it to you. All my message needs to be translated for people to understand. we need one language for the world... English, start teaching them english NOW

    We need one language for the world??? That's stupid as fuck man
  4. You seem like a retard on a mission to solve everything! Good luck.

  5. [quote name='"ete23"']

    its in Gods hands if another chooses to rape you. it is never your fault only the fault of the human condition.[/quote]

    Where the fuck is your head at man??
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    burn your laws, come together not as americans, or chinese, christians, or athiests

    burn them and create new ones everybody agrees is fair, EVERYBODY that wants a say

    you will know if they are fair or not.

    I suggest start with knowing the 10 commandants maybe, analyze them, they could make sense

    like working 6 days, then have sunday off. Sunday should be giving thank to our Sun, the energy that grows weed. God thinks 'he' rests on sunday from all great work he did by 'creating' existence in '6' days... 'he' thinks 'he' did such great work that 'he' never has to come back. 'he' left into absolute darkness, nothingness forever. only we can choose to bring God back to life and not as Jesus zombie

    yea god think 'he' is a he, like a not a she like female but a he like male.

    NOW it is our problem to deal with not his, he doesnt care for human life.. remember we broke our 'promise' by eating an apple, lol. so we were sent out of the garden into the wilderness. I dont know if that garden had other animals to eat maybe they lived off fruit and vegetables or something, but meat does taste good sometime why not use it.

    I mean the dude thinks 'he' created all of existence in 6 literal days God doesnt even get it. It wasnt 6 days, 6 days of human time experience we know.... it was eternity, it took a whole eternity to create this hate, it doesn't have to take a whole eternity to un due it. we can start NOW, we can start by teaching the kids, by teaching ourselves.

    god if you hear me, "dont worry, be happy"

    God doesn't have the final word. WE DO. God has no voice, God cant talk, he has no windpipes, that doesn't mean you should release your anger on God, but if you do know God will for sure experience your dissatisfaction. maybe making god 'feeling' this can teach 'him' a lesson, make him cry, he is not all powerful like he thinks. 'He' doesn't know it, but 'he' gave us power to.... power to hate, power to hate even god itself.

    God cant show you love or hate... you have to experience this for yourselves.
  7. lets rape the earth for god

    god was to busy making money to care for itself

    we arnt god we cant just rest on sunday, we need both saturday and sunday to rest.. 5 days is a long reasonable work week to me. but i never want to get job, not a job that pays $
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    also god if you hear me, we dont want your magic powers, we want to make this right ourselves, we want the satisfaction

    no heaven, no hell, just existence. light or dark, love or hate. whatever or whatever
  9. Translation: I'm fucking crazy
  10. get on vid and burn your paper money on youtube

    dont be attached to paper it doesn't last as long as the internet or a computer
  11. God is no more then a forum lurker, a guest who reads but will never post.
  12. how can u post if u dont exist
  13. mmmm im guessin you dont have too many friends haha
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    dont waste your lighter fluid on his evil

    get it all together that you can and burn in a big fire

    have big fires all over burning the cash

    the coins.. they can be melted down

    or maybe base some new money system on material objects not paper and speculations, like stock markets.. maybe stock market is good and can make wealth easier to obtain.. i have no idea at all about economics.
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    why does marriage have to be just between man+women

    were you born gay or did you become gay, which is it, you probloby dont even know, i know i can never imagine being with another dude.. but whatever floats your boat i guess

    may be 'un-natual' cause you cant reproduce as gay couple

    cant we observe animals can be gay to?
  16. I pray to god that you are a troll, and no one is as lame as you are pretending to be.
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    again. you can say that God 'hates' his 'creation'... we can hate it to...but we can also love it... we can teach love from earliest memory, you ever seen a babysitter abusing little babies for nothing, watch the vids. whats that about God?

    you are duel in nature, you are both the pinnacle of love and hate, hate to me being nothingness because i want to forget it, love being everything because i never want to forget it.

    you just chose not to recognize your hate, your to self absored in this 'love' you claim to 'feel'. you don't feel anything, you are eternal

    feelings are for physical beings

    eternal has no motion, only emotion... love/hate

    we opening the door now, feel the starvation, feel the rape, feel the murder

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