You need to be responsible for your actions

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    This needs to be accurately translated for people who cant understand English language, not my responsibility, I leave it to you. All my message needs to be translated for people to understand. we need one language for the world... English, start teaching them english NOW

    Forced into evil, it's all in your head, it's all so cerebral - lil wayne, playing with fire

    The only way I've been practicing my whole life, to live my life is to be responsible for what I do- tupac

    Men- its your responsibility to not rape.
    Men and Women- its your responsibility to not murder nor preform abortions. You both hold the power of life, to reproduce.

    Murder like a chicken to eat, whatever, be nice about it, make it the most painless you can for them. nobody likes pain. but no pain, no gain.

    Also you should not even physically or emotionally hurt someone, unless you are prepared to feel that exact experience they have felt. Its not hard to not release your thoughts. Like they say "think before you speak, think before you act"

    I cant speak for all animals, but i have a dog and i wouldn't physically or emotionally hurt her. So be nice to domesticated animals.. they do live in your houses, they 'see' everything you do. I know when someone in my house yells, i can feel my dog being scared. She sometimes like will go and hide under the table or something. I can't tell your story, I can only tell mine.

    Do you have no value for life?

    If you aren't ready to accept the trails of parenthood then don't have sex, yes there is birth control methods, but i have no idea how safe they are, if they are just chemicals that harm the body (make better condoms, seems reasonable to me). but then comes to mind, why even have sex to satisfy the 'urge', this urge seems animal to me, im sure you can fight it, i know i can. (but I'm also sure you can make the 'ultimate condom' to have the ability to have sex for pure pleasure only, not just 'making love' to someone.

    Like being addicted to coke, or meth. You can beat the addiction. Mind over Matter. Same with cigs. I quit Id say 5-6 months already and I kind of have the urge in me, but I also remember how nasty tobacco is to me, the taste, the smell, the chance at cancer.

    I don't know if hell exists or if heaven exists, when i try to think about heaven or hell i can only come up with like fairy tales. My fairy tale: when you die, at worst, you revert to absolute nothingness like before you remember existing. At best, you are engulfed in pure Love and light, living an eternity away from hate. Living with no prejudice or desire. Just pure being, pure existence, stillness, no change, decay or death. But hey, that just my fairytale.

    I'm human, just because i 'feel' things the way i do. It doesn't mean i fully understand them, help me understand, feed me. I got a feeling people are still starving in Africa and other places.

    BTW I'm starving. Like I hear the universe faintly 'roaring' for some damn food, its in my stomach too, but I cant say for sure if I have an appetite.

    fuck paying for things or stealing them, we need to just start sharing things

    Its not my responsibility to deal with prisoners either. I didnt put them there. I didnt make these Laws. Government step up and decide: Free prisoners and give them another chance or keep them locked away. I mean all violent and non-violent crimes alike. Do you trust your fellow human to do the right thing? I personally dont trust a murderer wont murder again, or a rapist wont rape again. Or a thief wont steal again. You must make these prisoners take an oath.

    "I promise to never murder,rape, or steal from my brothers and sisters ever again, and never to harm any life in a unreasonable manner" on video, no pic, no proof

    If you have evidence they are guilty again or they admit it themselves then send them back to prison.

    only no water and starve to death for murder, rape can be forgiven, and stealing can be forgiving.. taking anothers life cannot.

    I urge all people that have hurt another physically or emotionally to try and make a mends with that person. To try and make a mends with all living things.

    If you know you murdered, raped or stolen then admit it please. I don't mean that if you were never caught and tried that you have to come out and admit you murdered someone or rape or stolen to the public (how embarrassing, LOL) although it would help more then keeping it inside your own head.

    admit it for us all Pope, Government, Religion. Everybody. this is the first step in healing.......... admitting we were/are wrong. We have to change human nature for the next generation to be better off. That is the dream, that our kids have a better life then we did.
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    like pac said

    I dont have to tell the truth, i just have to tell a story

    just listening to pac aint gon make it stop- lupe fiasco

    Flip the cross upside down, Jesus aint fucking coming back til you do.. you think Jesus want to come back and see himself hanging on a cross in every chruch??? you crazy

    Flip in around, make that our symbol, the upside down cross. its not satanic

    Make the Stupid christians flip out, they have the power... not silly muslim that resort to flying planes to buildings...... you think a muslim has power in doing this? this is how they show their hate for christian having ALL THE GOD DAMN POWER IN THE WORLD!!!!!

    Chrisitan you ARE wrong ADMIT IT

    So jesus can come back... lol, not magic jesus, not zombie, but his messege that is skewed with dogma............

    L O V E

    that is all for now, I got to just watch for a while, sorry

    I cant prove it but Jesus claimed to die for our sins, thats it no one should have to die for sins again, only for the sin of murder(this includes being convicted of performing an abortion). I don't interpret 1st-premetitated, 2nd-intent, 3rd degree- no intent. If you are proven in the 3rd with no intent, I say forgive because they didn't have the hate in them the evil intent which is murder, it happened by accident(drunk driving manslaughter)
  6. Yoy are one STRANGE cat...
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    AND america, stop acting american, your not american your human

    Burn your flag, BURN YOUR OWN FLAG on video

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    burn it, burn all flag of countries, burn the jew flag of israel. Show you aren't attached to these evil flags... Make the flag have an upside cross on it. or whatever have no flag.
  9. Hey pope take off that fancy clothing please burn it
  10. i like to see with my eyes... so Obama burn the flag on tv, every news channel, i know you can be on all news channels...ok
  11. Obama you must take the first step.. put flag burning on youtube, it will be #1 video, I PROMISE..... show you aren't attached to the murder of Indians that you claim is your holiday of thanksgiving.
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  13. That is NOT weed.
  14. still waiting on flag burning ceremony.... people are starving
  15. let me rape you and see if you think its still forgivable
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    some may not forgive but ive read stories of people that dealt with it for along time blaming themselves even... but some can come to terms and forgive their rapist, a rapist showing sincere remorse can be forgiven. If they dont show remorse why forgive them, but rape doesnt deserve death. figure your own laws out.

    so you got raped. you still alive right?

    murder with intent, you take anothers chance at life, you should suffer the pain. Im not saying make a death penalty that is up to you. I cant allow another to starve I couldn't watch it but I can 'feel' this starving feeling. I mean the death penalty exists.. for what. an eye for and eye makes the whole world blind. The murderers with intent don't deserve to be convicted and live in prison with food and water while africa starves. The murderers had their chance to be human and not act out in pure evil rage like some animal. we are 99% ape/monkey DNA but what about that 1%?

    I cannot personally say I could allow another to suffer.. only murderers with intent should suffer... by starving to death with no water like africa

    I would never want to be a judge nor a jury, call me ever for jury duty, no way. Who can take that step to judge with justice are truly brave people.
  17. still waiting on flag burning, i think im done gotta watch, how else to elaborate.

  18. the people who blamed themselves most likely felt so ashamed of having it happen to them that they thought it was their fault.. if someone forces themself on to you it is not your fault.

    and so what if your still alive,does that make it ok? im willing to bet a good amount of people who were raped took their own lives because they couldnt live with it. and what about parents that molest their own children or adults who kidnap and rape kids. should they be forgiven? our country is turning to soft on violent offenders. but i agree with u that rapist shouldn't be murdered. they should be thrown in a jail cell with 5 violent gay inmates and raped everyday of their life
  19. Meth...not even once

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