'' you must choose'' the ol-lady..or the dog,?

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    BUT A GOOD DOG IS HARD TO COME BY,,,,, im talking about a loyal dog,, that obeys, dont poop in the house,, guards you,,, gives you unconditional love,,,,


    a nagging ass woman,,, who is pissed off at you 1 week out of every month,,,,refuses to do the windows,,,,has control of '' your'' sex life.....+

    cant cook worth a damn,,,,,the clothes were cleaner before she '' washed'' them....

    YELLS AT SAID DOG,, PUTS HIM ON A CHAIN,,,,and when no-ones looking,,, '' throws things at him''

    ..[​IMG] vs...[​IMG]
  2. no chicken, no

    just cause you have sex with dogs doesnt mean i want to
  3. ^ that made me lol.

    I hate dogs. Mainly cos they scare me.
  4. a dog can't make sandwiches.
  5. a dog takes much longer to train

    imma go with the dog :cool:

  6. no rep? tough crowd
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  7. Most dogs can't bring you a beer either (some can). :smoke:
  8. I was told I can only give neutral rep. I'll rep you and let me know if that is true.

    Wait..I can't give you any cos I have to spread it around being giving it to you AGAIN.
  9. The loyalty of a dog is to the death.

    The male to female ratio is in our favour.

    We're paying for it one way or another...

  10. Well... I'd take a good dog over every girl I've had so far so I'll have to go with the dog on this one.

  11. You can give anyone rep now that you have a light bar. You always could give some rep to those with the same or less points. :cool:
  12. Any women who throw things at dogs should be kicked out of the house.
  13. Really? Cos I was told since I don't have 500 posts or more, I can only give neutral rep.

    I am shocked that anyone would pick a dog over a woman..
  14. hahahaha

    ahh lifes good
  15. theres plenty of women in the world, but a good dog is hard to come by on.

  16. thats what im talking about<--------------:cool:
  17. A woman can turn her back on you but a dog will never even think of it.
  18. Put that bitch on a leash, I ain't talking about the the 4 legged one.:D

  19. [​IMG]
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  20. My boyfriend whistles at me like I am a dog when we are out in public. One time when we were out shopping, a bunch of guys imitated him doing it to me. Made me feel quite bad lol.

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