You must admit, trolling is an art..

Discussion in 'General' started by OpenMindFields, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Well, just think about it for a moment, the creativity required to dream up an elaborate hoax that's just beyond farfetched but not too unreasonable, the memory to attain the story's integrity throughout the entire thread (Especially on here, with most of them being high as hell lol), and for those that continue on with updates and keep it going, it's very very intricate and does require skill.. To some degree..

    So everyone, next time you see a damned good trolling taking place.

    Give credit where credit is due, and don't spoil the fun.

    P.S. Somebody should write a book called "The art of trolling, err being President/Primeminister of a country."
  2. I think we're being trolled here
  3. I take being called a troll as a compliment.
  4. Not sure if troll..... :confused:
  5. Do you tell yourself that to make yourself feel better?
  6. Trolling is an art to an extent. It depends on whose being trolled, among other things.

    When people are just saying, "You mad" and shit like that, it's not trolling, and yet it gets called trolling frequently.

    I'd say maybe 5% of legitimate troll jobs could be considered art.

    The problem is everyone calls shit trolling whenever a dumb post is made, or somebody gets information wrong, etc...

    I remember back in the earlier days of the internet when a troll was really a troll.
  7. correction, trolling is a art.
  8. Correction, trolling is a art.
  9. If you troll right, people wont know you trolled at all.
  10. I'm not trolling, I am serious.

    Yea I agree it's a very small portion of the legit trolls, but there's still the mind behind the creation.

    And why is that an "a" instead of an "an?"

    I know you're wrong, so go at it.
  11. I'd say that artistic content rests within the intent of the creator and his ability to use mediums to accentuate or distort aspects of an envisioned reality to portray that intention. So it can be an art, it just depends on the person's ability to include artistic content in their trolling. I'd say you could relate it to the art of something like social engineering, but with lesser implications.

    What is important here is that there is no trolling if there is no intent to troll.
  12. That shit is deffinatly an art. I remember i was on another site and some dude made a post about how he was at an abusive military camp and that he had escaped , was running , found a place to stay.

    People were fuckin captivated dude. thread was racking up posts by the day, people were actually sending him shit like money and cards telling him to keep on going.

    Like a week or 2 later one of the fourm members finally traced the IP that the posts were comming from and it was all the same IP. After being found out the dude told us it was all a hoax and how surprised he was that he was able to get that many people on the internet intrested in his story and how good it made him feel knowing that if the cause is right, people WILL band together for the greater good.

    But shit this post had like over 10k replies , people were sending him shit IRL and he even had a fucking facebook fan page. It was a great story too so trolling IS an art hahaha
  13. ^I think thats called coning people out of money dude

  14. Well when he started the thread there was no mention of money or even sending him anything. He was just talking about how bad it is there. Eventually once people started to feed into it someone offerd to paypal him some cash for food. He even asked that people not send him money but they could send cards if they wanted"

    It was amazing because he started it out as a troll thread and look what it turned into.

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