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you might laugh

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Master Kush 420, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. ok basicly im dry :( its shit and i cant pick up till Saturday so im teting my guy bout if hes in town and is it good and how much its weighing nd them he has a go at me for asking to many questoins
  2. Damn, excuse me but I did not understand the meaning of this post

  3. Fixed. Still a pointless thread.
  4. I had weed once.
    It was good and it had weight.
  5. Ya stop badgering the guy.
  6. Yeah! Fuck you for wanting to know the quality and amount of marijuana you plan to buy! Just hand all your money over to your dealer and hope you get a few grams!!!

  7. If you don't like him, get a new dealer. He obviously doesn't want to be bothered with a customer's questions.

    There's no point to wasting your time. Ask a buddy to introduce you to his dealer.

  8. I just call my guy tell him I need an ounce. I don't ask if he is in town or not or if it's good.. I know it is. :confused:
  9. So an ounce? How about an ounce of schwag for the price of dank? Sounds like your guy makes quite the fuckin' profit off of you. :smoke:

  10. Look lady I'm not going to argue with you. Op asked why his guy is getting pissed off and I explained it to him. :wave:
  11. You explained nothing other than that you are easy to scam and I should sell to you some day.

    If you don't know the quality of the weed, you could get anything.

  12. Well I guess I'm smart enough not to put myself in that position. :rolleyes:
  13. Tell him to fuck off, your doing him the service he cant fuck you around, pistol whip his ass and take his weed.
  14. You just said you only ask your guy if he can sell you an ounce. Well, how about I go get an ounce of grass from my lawn, and you don't bitch about it once you see it and hand over the money without complaints?

    You is so dumb. :smoke:
  15. Snuff him out, get a free few pounds

    EDIT: This was my 100th post :)
  16. Lilith I think we are at leading different lives and know different people. The people I buy from don't scam or have poor quality weed. I know when I buy without even opening it it is full weight and good quality. I'm no highschooler. Lols.
  17. Nope, didn't laugh
  18. At less your guys coming on Saturday, do you have any idea how inconsistent and douchey my dealer is. Just wait 2 fucking days and pick up
  19. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  20. Everyone gets poor quality weed sometimes. Even the biggest dealers I knew, who ran cities, would sometimes get low quality shit. Of course they would charge less, but I'd want to know first hand: Is it good or is it bad? They would be honest and tell me how good it was, not say "fuck off too many questions".

    You are a funny little man.

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