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You ( might ) be a seasoned smoker If

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Headhunterpipes, Apr 21, 2023.

  1. If your computer repair guy calls you up and says one of the problems with your lap top is its full of some really sticky weed. :love-m3j:
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  2. more like potato chips hahaha
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  3. LOL I have a picture of the fan, I will post it once downloaded the pic to my lap top/
    LOL its packed with sparkly sticky weed . The whole inside the laptop is covered with resin .
    Had to change the battery because the PC was saying weak battery but the battery looked like it was warping and slighty been hot.
    Sometimes I spill weed on my key board when i twist one up. I actually thought the weed looked good .
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  4. I used to smoke in my room and my oscillating fans would always seize up and my keyboard was covered in resin from chopping with fingers and scissors. Can relate.
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  5. i had a remote for the TV that stopped working ,its was gummed up with resin off my fingers ..mac,
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  6. WTF cant down load photos from phone to pc?
  7. The area around my desk where I hit the rig has all these little hard spots of shatter stuck in the carpet.
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